Stress and Gaming: Two Brief Rants

Homework can be a useful tool for reviewing and mastering material. It can also be a powerful tool of torture when everyone expects you to complete everything in such a short amount of time that you have little to no relaxation time left over. Furthermore, headaches are terrible and migraines are worse.

Because it’s 10 pm and I need to go to bed soon … That’s all I’m really gonna say about  school. Today was a bad day, and after I did as much as necessary for school tomorrow, I spent a lot of the afternoon and evening on World of Warcraft.

If y’all are anywhere near as nerdy as me, or nerdy to any extent about computer games, you probably know that World of Warcraft’s long-awaited expansion Mists of Pandaria was released yesterday. And if you’ve ever played WoW or any MMO right after the release of brand new content, you know that it’s crazily crowded and usually a pain to get anything done because everyone’s competing to get the loot off of X amount of mobs. Et cetera.

IN ANY EVENT, Blizzard has these cross-realm zones and a lot of people don’t like them. At the same time, it’s day two of a new expansion … and everyone’s down-talking Blizzard and calling them stupid, et cetera. It’s like, hm — if you don’t like Blizzard, you don’t have to play the damn game! Some of us enjoy WoW and love the game we play and that is why we play! I’m not sure why I’m writing about this … the person who set me off was talking in Westfall General a few hours ago and I had a lot more mojo to rant about then, and now I’m just kind of mildly angry.

The point is Blizzard works really hard to provide for their fanbase and if you don’t like what they’re doing … take it to the forums, IF you can do so in a civil manner. Moderators actually frequent the forums and respond to player threads all of the time. They’re always looking for feedback … constructive feedback. Too many assholes and morons just say “Lol FUCK U BLIZZ u sux”  …. no, Blizzard’s not going to give you a response that way.