Freedom is a funny concept. The book Animal Farm is supposed to be a mockery of communism, although from what I’ve heard of it: “Some animals are more free than others.” Is that not how we are living now? 

This post is to antagonize those who disagree with me. I know they’ll be there because I’m going to tag it to have the hateful flocking to the post. To my blog! It will be wonderful to see the traffic I’ll get just by hatred. We shall see. 

It’s nearly 10 p.m. so I won’t (unfortunately) be able to make this a very long rant, but the two issues I am going to briefly speak of to enrage some fellow bloggers involve supposed freedom that we in this country ought to have. I am going to outrage so many people, and it will be funny, because they won’t read this part where I anticipate their rage and flaming. They’ll say nothing of it in the comments. No, sir. 

My two topics of the night are abortions and marriage. 

I am pro-choice, and I think this applies to more than just abortion. In this country, in this beloved United States where we cherish the freedom to speak as we please, voice our opinions and do within reason all of the things that we’d like to – we have choices. We have a myriad of choices every day – whether to wake up or stay in bed, what to wear for the day, to go to work or school or to stay at home and take a sick day … Choices and choices. There are thousands more in a single day. 

One thing we as respectful American citizens have no control and no choice of is the actions of others. So, say, if someone is taken advantage of by a trusted neighbor or well-known adult, whomever it may be… And raped. The person raped has no choice, that person cannot control the situation. If she gets pregnant by this sexual encounter, who believes that she should have to go through nine months of pregnancy and then deliver a child that is not hers by right? Bible thumpers say that it is wrong to take a life. Do you consider the feelings of the woman raped after such a terrible event? Do you consider it familial and logically right to force a young teenage female to carry out a pregnancy that she may not be able to live through? Or if she is, is it okay to make her go through the emotional attachment of pregnancy after the emotional DISTRESS of RAPE? 

I think a lot of devout religious folks that still disagree with abortion in such situations – which, no, it’s not something that’s easily proved but BELIEVE IT OR NOT, abortion is not something that people do just because they feel like it. But anyone who still disagrees with it is either not taking into account anything that I’ve actually said, any of the real arguments for pro-choice, or they are honestly that ignorant. 

My other topic of the night is the legality of homosexual marriages. Another issue heavily combated by the religious folks of my ever-so-free country. 

My first question about it is just why not? Just why not? If you aren’t gay, don’t get married to someone of your sex. It should honestly be that simple

In the past few days I’ve debated this as it is one of my few strong political opinions I hold near and dear to me and my ever-so-active political friend said that it should not be a question of whether same-sex marriages are legal or not, but why is marriage governed by government. 

I don’t believe that this friend of mine has understood the difficulties that a gay male couple that has spent their life together … Say they’re in their sixties or seventies. And one of them is in the hospital. He can’t see his partner because they are not legally permitted to be married. 

Whether you are religious or not, if you don’t see something wrong with that, you are a heartless bastard and I can’t believe you’re allowed on the Internet. Really. If you’re married, imagine if you were in that situation, with you in the hospital and being unable to legally see your partner. Or imagine you wouldn’t be allowed to see your partner in the hospital.

Imagine the amount of stress you might maybe feel under such a situation. It’s impossible for you to understand that kind of pain until you’ve had the miserable misfortune of experiencing it and even if you are a cruel sick person who believes in such illegality then I still do not wish it upon you, because it is too close to wishing death upon a person and that is something I would never do. 

The point of this blog is – yes, to entertain the rage readers – but also just to open some eyes. I wish people cared. I wish people were empathetic.

If you are religious, fine. Be religious. Worship your God and Christ and the Trinity and do whatever you’re going to do.Worship Allah or Vishnu or whomever, be as you will, do whatever you like that makes you happy spiritually.

But when you stop the freedoms and the happiness of others because of YOUR personal beliefs… that’s when it stops being okay. In the United States, every citizen has the freedom of religion. We have no official religion in this country. You are free to do what you like. We as citizens have many other freedoms, none of which should be stunted by your personal beliefs and opinions on what is morally right and wrong. 

Be open-minded. Be compassionate. Care about other people, as Jesus would have done. I guarantee you that Jesus would not be all right with you all today if He saw all the terrible, hateful things that so many fundamentalists do. He would not be down with bombing Planned Parenthood buildings or murdering doctors who perform abortions or carrying signs that say “God Hates Fags.” I am not a religious person myself but I do believe that Jesus loved and loves ALL people. He would be disappointed in your disregard for the human race that He murdered His son to make up for sins. All of you that continue to fill this world with hate are more of sinners than any homosexual man or woman who has consensual sex with their same-sex partners.  


What A Fantastic Day!

Seriously, I don’t even know what was up with today but it was just a really wonderful day. I’m very pleased and optimistic about tomorrow as well.

This week at my school is Spirit Week, which is a truly awful job on Student Council’s part considering this is a four-day week courtesy of Columbus Day today. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is college spirit day. So at Champ’s … sporting goods store, or whatever it’s called, I don’t know because I don’t go to these things on a normal basis … ANYWAY I GOT A LONGHORNS SHIRT! 😀 Two of them actually, because a t-shirt was $18 and they had a sale of 2 for $25. So what a no-brainer, eh? 😛 One of ’em’s burnt orange with UT and Longhorns and “Texas Football” on it. That’s the one I’m wearing tomorrow. The other is a black shirt that if I’m not mistaken says “Texas Longhorns” but don’t hold me to that because I bought it many many hours ago.

Wednesday is tie-day day. That one’s fairly obvious. Wear something pretty and colorful. I don’t actually have anything for this, for some reason I have no tie-dye anything. If nothing comes through for this one I may just wear a bunch of randomly colored things or perhaps lots of rainbow. I don’t know, we’ll see how it plays out.

Then Thursday is that whole “Blast from the Past” ordeal where they want you to dress up from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc etc etc etc. I’m going to wear flared denim jeans and my mom’s black-and-white  polka-dotted long, flow-y poncho-like shirt and a headband I bought from Claire’s today that’s black and has cute little colorful peace signs on it.

Friday is the day for actual school spirit and to wear our school’s colors of maroon and white. I don’t really have anything for that either. But at least I’m happy about the ones I am decidedly dressing up for. 🙂

Other than that, what else did we do today … oh yeah, I actually did some homework! I completed a three-page double-spaced paper on the novel Of Mice and Men. Not only did I complete the paper but I’m fairly proud of it, feel like I did a rather good job. I hate my English class this year though because I usually have a great connection with my English teachers. Even last year, when I loved my teacher but didn’t feel like she was actually successful as a teacher, she and I still got along on friendly terms. With my teacher this year, she’s super great and friendly when she’s talking to the class but whenever I speak TO HER it feels like she is impatient, waiting to get to something else … always wanting to do anything but talk to me.  I don’t know, it’s really depressing. The one benefit it has is an extra pressure on me to feel like I should work harder in a desperate attempt to make her like me more.

After we left the mall today (totally skipping around anachronistically [is that a word?] here..) Mom and I went to Panera. Mmm, Panera. Bread. I love bread. Bread is so great. I could live a perfectly wonderful life on bread and nothing else. I really wanna bake bread one day. Wouldn’t that be fun? Anyway, I need to stop blabbering about bread.

I’m getting really tired, and a little bit frustrated and the mood’s being tampered with a little bit and my whole thought process is just getting a little bit wacky. So I promise to post tomorrow, and I have this wonderful post that’s all thoughtful and lovely that I started last night but got halted by the same thing that’s affecting me right now – aka, completely random and utterly thorough tiredness … yeah. I’m going to go now before I’m completely unable to solidify a strong sentence.

Friday Five + What Makes You Think?

So it’s Friday, August 12th, which just so happens to be Kenny’s and mine sixteen-month anniversary. 🙂 While we’ve taken a break from the initial activities we zoomed up on immediately upon my arrival, we’ve still been enjoying this lovely vacation. However, there’s not too much interesting activity to speak of at the moment. So here’s a meme for Friday and something more at the end.

Friday Five

1.) What could serve as physical evidence that you sometimes lose focus?

That would easily be the consistency with which I get homework done, or the amount of summer homework I’ve completed despite the fact I sat down completely determined to get a good chunk of it done…

2.) What could serve as physical evidence that you are loved?

My laptop or my phone or Kenny’s phone, each loaded with sweet little things that make you know it’s all legitimate ♥

3.) What could serve as physical evidence that you’re from wherever you’re from?

This is an easy one for me. I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I have a Texas flag patterned bandanna from an Old 97’s concert that I was given that Rhett Miller himself used during the concert. My mother has a Fort Worth bandanna (what up with the bandannas) that she acquired I believe from one of many festivals. And all in all I am obsessed with Texas, as you may have guessed purely from this blog.

4.) What could serve as physical evidence that you went anywhere this past week?

My bathing suit, probably still waiting to be washed. Not to mention the fact that I just bought it, along with my new flip-flops, two days ago.

5.) What could serve as physical evidence that you recently caved into temptation?

I suppose the fact that I’ve been drinking lots of Dr Pepper despite my original goal that on this trip I would attempt seriously to cut back on consuming it.

So that’s that. This meme was all about physical evidence. Man, who’s going to be tracking me? Should I be paranoid now? xD I feel like there’ll be someone investigating all my stuff before I leave…

Anyway, so my boyfriend’s sister Natalie sent he and I to this website called Makes Me Think. It’s a site similar to Gives Me HopeMy Life is Average or F My Life that has, well, thought-provoking life stories written there. The difference is many of the stories on MMT seem genuine and make me truly sad or happy for those on the other end of the line.

Since I missed Controversial Wednesday this week, here’s a question for Friday: What makes you think? What is something that has altered your life that may have seemed like a small and random act of kindness at the time? What do you hold close or personal or sentimental to you?