Pandora + Country

It might be a little dorky or silly to say so but honestly, listening to my country Pandora station has been the highlight of several of my days lately. Here are a few of the best songs.

1.) I Won’t Back Down – Johnny Cash
2.) Sugar Foot Rag – Jerry Reed
3.) Thank God I’m A Country Boy – John Denver
4.) Phantom 309 – Red Sovine
5.) Sixteen Tons – Tennessee Ernie Ford

I wish that I could explain what it is about this stuff that fills my soul up full of happiness and stuff but I’m not sure I can. Maybe it’s got an extra kick because I’m in Yankee territory. Or maybe country music just talks about family and stuff and things that are happy and wonderful and that just resonates extra-deep with me cause that’s all I really want.

I dunno.

Enjoy some nice music. We’ve got a long weekend because of snow tomorrow, huzzah! G’night everybody.