Wrapping up the school year.

What a wild ride it’s been this year.

Last year, my guidance counselor told us that junior year was the most important. That’s when, colleges say, you are at your most mature – you are aware of the way high school works and how to act and that you need to be working and not slacking, and you’re not tainted by senioritis yet, et cetera. They get a feel for you.

This year sums me up pretty well, I think. I took Creative Writing, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, and had three (so far) opportunities to share my writing in front of an audience. I skipped out on history, which was nice. I ran my best mile of my high school career (and can’t we just skip out on gym next year, too?) and I participated in the school newspaper for the entire year. Today, in fact, I earned a promotion for the newspaper for next year, a title I’m ecstatic to have. I also took Sociology this year, which was a fun and interesting course.

I took the AP Psychology and English Language & Composition exams in May, and I felt pretty confident in both of them. I liked all the essays I wrote for English and I very much felt the benefits from all the studying I did for Psychology, which was rewarding.

On the other hand, I’ve had a bit of a battle with depression and anxiety and an (squeamish men skip over the next few words) ovarian cyst, which was really shitty to deal with but eventually went away on its own. Anxiety used to only occur during air-travel time, but it’s been getting worse the past year – although not really bad enough that it deserves treatment, only that it’s been more noticeable that I have such a problem. (Also, if you’d like to read a poem I wrote about airline anxiety, click here!)  Depression has … fluctuated. Nothing unmanageable, though.

I’ve been thinking about colleges, too – and while I was looking at prestigious schools like RIT and USC for awhile, I’ve come to the basic conclusion that there are two places that are good at computer science where I would be happy: University of Texas at Austin and North Carolina State University. Texas, of course, will be my priority; but it would be nice to be in North Carolina for awhile, too.

Speaking of college, another noteworthy thing is that I’ve asked for my letters of recommendation … I have requested three and I might still need another one, because certain computer science things require one from a math or science teacher; which, of course, usually don’t hold me in the highest favors. Darn! The three I’ve asked for are from my AP English Language & Composition teacher, my Creative Writing teacher, and a teacher I had freshman and sophomore year, first for World History and then for Geography & Culture of Latin America and Africa.

Which brings me to – because of my request for letters of recommendation (which according to the schools I want to attend, I might not even need … sigh), I wrote my first resume. It looks pretty awesome, but it’s also fairly brief. It includes the Skyrim mod I made, plus how I taught myself HTML via W3 schools … and a bunch of other odd things.

The summer is quickly approaching, and so are my plans for it. I’m leaving for North Carolina on July 1st and I am counting down the days and making lists of things I want to do. Swim and cook and bake and play games and a million more. As for now, though, I’m  worn out. I apologize for the lack of writing lately and sincerely hope to write more in the summer, just as I did with the birth of this blog.


Thursday Thirteen: Things I’m Going to Do With My Kids.

1.) Go around the table at Thanksgiving and say what we’re thankful for.

When I was a kid, we did this every year almost. Since a few years ago I spend it with my mom – always, whether I live with her or not – and I love her but we don’t do this. I usually do it internally or talk about my boyfriend with it. Judging by the nature of this meme, I might blog about what I’m thankful for this year. 🙂

2.) Wake up early on Christmas morning. 

Seriously, how many of you have parents that wouldn’t wake up early on Christmas? I’m going to wake up earlier than they will and I’m going to make biscuits or cookies and hot chocolate. I’m gonna make the house smell like delight before they can feel it.

3.) Help them with homework and keep up with their schoolwork.

I’m a pretty sharp kid. Until high school, I never needed to study, and as such it’s something I had to transition myself into. With my kids, I’m going to keep up with all of their schoolwork and make sure they’re exerting themselves and not lazing away.

4.) Talk to them about their days at school and how they are doing.

I’m going to be interested in their lives. They’re not going to have boyfriends or girlfriends I don’t know about – not because they’ll get in trouble or whatever, but because I’ll be curious. I’ll want to know everything, inexhaustibly.

5.) Sit as a family together at dinnertime.

This doesn’t even have to be in a dining room with a big table in a circle while we all stare  at each other. We could watch a movie together at dinnertime for all I care. And it doesn’t have to be EVERY day – there can be exceptions. But I will want to ensure that I have a family … not a pack of people who sometimes see each other around the house but don’t interact.

6.) Get them involved in activities they’re interested in and encourage them to branch out.

Will they love to write? Join newspaper! Will they have natural leadership skills? Go for student council. Whatever they’re interested in, I’m gonna want them to go for it in life. You can’t sit back and expect things to fall in your lap – you have to go out and search for the life that you want and make it. So … start with extracurriculars.

7.) Give them advice when they want it and try not to pry when they don’t.

I never want my kids to feel like they can’t talk to me. I always want to be available when they want me and stay comfortably away when that’s what they want. When my kids grow up, I don’t want them to be itching to get away from their parents, but to be sad to go. I want to help them and teach them it’s okay to be curious, to ask questions.

8.) Be there for them always and let them know I’m available at all times. 

This is kind of the last one extended, but the point’s still as strong. I want my kids to really love their parents. I want them to know that we’ll care about them.

9.) Answer all of their questions.

I’ll not beat the curiosity out of them with impatience. If they ask something, I’ll do the best I can to answer it myself and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll look for it. I never want my kids to STOP questioning the world and the way it works. I want them to keep that innate curiosity we all once had as young children.

10.) Encourage questions and try to spark curiosity in other topics.

If they ask me why is the sky blue I’ll ask them other questions about space or the sky. I’ll make them interested in knowing things. I’ll make them PROUD to be intelligent, which is something my generation (young as it is) is already losing sight of.

11.) Read them bedtime stories. 

Self-explanatory. My favorite when I was a kid was Harold and the Purple Crayon.

12.) Let them decorate their bedrooms any way they want. 

Who wants a rocket ship bed, or a princess curtain? Who wants to paint their room their favorite color? Who wants a desk with a funky lamp? My kids will do this and more; whatever they want. Let their creativity flow.

13.) Take them to Disney.

When I was a little girl my dad promised he would take me to Disney World. He has yet to keep this promise. My mom works at ESPN, which is owned by Disney, and we get discounts and I still haven’t been able to go. This may be a little-known secret to some of you … but I LOVE Disney, and I will go. I will take my kids and we will get autograph books and every single character will sign. I will take them everywhere. I will drink Monster to keep up with them if I have to and we’ll explore everything.

This is a Thursday Thirteen I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I don’t even remember what sparked it, but it’s been sitting in my iPhone for approximately 160 days and therefore I decided it was time to write it. Here it is. I know it’s Wednesday… I’ll put the link up on T13 tomorrow. 🙂

I hope everyone’s doing well. I miss blogging but I usually have too much to say or not nearly enough to write, and for this I apologize. For those of you keeping track, I’m stressed. I am trying to finish two articles for my school’s newspaper and I’m worried that I will not finish them in time. I have two tests tomorrow that I’m actually not very nervous about except it’ll be a half day and we’ll have much less time than usual to take them. Hm … I’m pretty sure that’s about it. I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year but I’ll probably post about it the closer it gets. I may or may not take another complete hiatus from blogging in November, I guess we’ll see where it goes. 🙂

The Present and The Future

If you’ve been reading previously, the problems of the previous post have been resolved. Again, I find it unethical to reveal any details besides that.

As a sophomore in high school I’ve completed the PSAT earlier this year and got my scores back recently via email and have been using this fantastic website, College Board. It’s quite the impressive website with several sources for colleges and SAT planning, etc.

I don’t have a lot to write about today, but I did feel the need to stop by and write a bit. So my life is pretty boring right now. Focusing on schoolwork and midterms.

I’m also really excited about college and have thus been planning for extracurriculars to take up and maintain. So far I think I’m going to be permanently be joining Book Club and I might join the school newspaper too.

More to come later this weekend. Happy Friday everybody!