Summer came and went.

It’s 10:27 pm and I should be trying to sleep or at least reading because I’m supposed to have read three books this summer for AP English IV, and I’ve read one and haven’t even chosen a third and this is all due by next Friday; and sleeping because tomorrow is my boyfriend’s first day of school and he has to get up ridiculously early to attend with his mom the preparation of the senior breakfast/parade/thing. Lucky, we don’t get a parade.

I’ve totally abandoned this blog over the summer, which I sorely regret. There’ve been a lot of things worth documenting and I haven’t done any of it.

I left for Raleigh on the first of July, the day after the boyfriend’s family returned from the Bahamas. That wasn’t originally our choice date, by the way; that ended up happening because the prices were cheaper for airline tickets. We didn’t do a lot the first couple weeks; we played some games, watched some TV, wrestled around a bit and were lectured about college visits and thoughts and such things. Uncharacteristically of our summers, we did very little cooking or crafting. We did some, sure, but not a whole heck of a lot in comparison to the past couple summers.

So what did we do? We took an unofficial tour of North Carolina State University with the boyfriend’s eldest cousin and an official tour of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (not even close to each other in date), we swam quite a bit at the general pool and not much at all on the working-week-long beach trip, we stayed up late hours to discuss history and philosophy and several other things besides.

In the last week, I panicked and decided to make crazy quick craft progress. I made a yellow pig log pillow (it is the best thing ever, perhaps there will be a picture in a later post), a popsicle-shaped phone case (ditto on the picture), and a no-sew iron-on senior-themed canvas bag.

We had an airport fiasco in which my first of two flights was so heavily delayed (and confusedly so – first it was delayed, then on time, then early, then delayed again …) that I was sure to miss my connecting flight in Dulles, and so I stayed another night than originally planned and left much earlier in the morning than I’d have liked. The boyfriend and I were allowed to snuggle together (under different covers!!!) in the same bed that night, and it was the best sleep I had the whole summer.

That was on Thursday night and Friday morning. Now it’s Sunday night, the boyfriend starts school tomorrow and I on Thursday. We’ll be seniors in high school and we’re going to start looking at applying for colleges as soon as September starts. We’re looking to apply to all of our schools early so that we improve our chances of getting in.

It’s been a good couple of months … and of course, they felt too short. But believe it or not, I’m feeling pretty okay about it. Confident, I might even say.


… Of course, it remains to be seen how long this feeling will last. Good luck to all the other rising seniors out there, and to all the other high school students and college freshmen too.


Boyfriend’s in the Bahamas.

Which, at least, I know – thanks to awesome websites that track plane statuses. I’m surprised, you know – even in New York, you can snag some free Wi-Fi from unsuspecting patrons of charity but I guess on Paradise Island they have a better grip on what little they can get their hands on. Fair enough, I suppose.

Today, I have:

  • Showered.
  • Watched more than half of the first season of Mad Men on Netflix.
  • Did the mountain of dishes in the sink into the washing machine.
  • Attacked a brownie pan we’ve been nonchalantly ignoring.
  • Cleaned the stove top.
  • Cleaned the toilet. (Not together!)
  • Took out every bag of trash in the house – except for the main one, because I took it out two days ago and it’s not even halfway full.
  • Dragged the trash can up to the curb.
  • Put away some school- and winter-related things in my room (yeah, I’m disorganized and a little behind).
  • Texted “friends” sadly and, you know, got
  • Walked around the house about sixteen times back and forth and around, moping.

Anxiety is a gross, disgusting thing. But I’ve done all that and he’s only left this morning. He doesn’t come back until Sunday; what exactly am I supposed to do with myself? I don’t have a lot of motivation, really – the only reason I did any housework was to keep myself busy and to calm the stomach. Honestly, the mental turmoil and the physical, literal sickness are both pretty bad if I let them steam.

God, at the rate I’m going, I’m almost missing school already. What am I supposed to do with all this time!

How is everyone else’s summer going?

Wrapping up the school year.

What a wild ride it’s been this year.

Last year, my guidance counselor told us that junior year was the most important. That’s when, colleges say, you are at your most mature – you are aware of the way high school works and how to act and that you need to be working and not slacking, and you’re not tainted by senioritis yet, et cetera. They get a feel for you.

This year sums me up pretty well, I think. I took Creative Writing, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, and had three (so far) opportunities to share my writing in front of an audience. I skipped out on history, which was nice. I ran my best mile of my high school career (and can’t we just skip out on gym next year, too?) and I participated in the school newspaper for the entire year. Today, in fact, I earned a promotion for the newspaper for next year, a title I’m ecstatic to have. I also took Sociology this year, which was a fun and interesting course.

I took the AP Psychology and English Language & Composition exams in May, and I felt pretty confident in both of them. I liked all the essays I wrote for English and I very much felt the benefits from all the studying I did for Psychology, which was rewarding.

On the other hand, I’ve had a bit of a battle with depression and anxiety and an (squeamish men skip over the next few words) ovarian cyst, which was really shitty to deal with but eventually went away on its own. Anxiety used to only occur during air-travel time, but it’s been getting worse the past year – although not really bad enough that it deserves treatment, only that it’s been more noticeable that I have such a problem. (Also, if you’d like to read a poem I wrote about airline anxiety, click here!)  Depression has … fluctuated. Nothing unmanageable, though.

I’ve been thinking about colleges, too – and while I was looking at prestigious schools like RIT and USC for awhile, I’ve come to the basic conclusion that there are two places that are good at computer science where I would be happy: University of Texas at Austin and North Carolina State University. Texas, of course, will be my priority; but it would be nice to be in North Carolina for awhile, too.

Speaking of college, another noteworthy thing is that I’ve asked for my letters of recommendation … I have requested three and I might still need another one, because certain computer science things require one from a math or science teacher; which, of course, usually don’t hold me in the highest favors. Darn! The three I’ve asked for are from my AP English Language & Composition teacher, my Creative Writing teacher, and a teacher I had freshman and sophomore year, first for World History and then for Geography & Culture of Latin America and Africa.

Which brings me to – because of my request for letters of recommendation (which according to the schools I want to attend, I might not even need … sigh), I wrote my first resume. It looks pretty awesome, but it’s also fairly brief. It includes the Skyrim mod I made, plus how I taught myself HTML via W3 schools … and a bunch of other odd things.

The summer is quickly approaching, and so are my plans for it. I’m leaving for North Carolina on July 1st and I am counting down the days and making lists of things I want to do. Swim and cook and bake and play games and a million more. As for now, though, I’m  worn out. I apologize for the lack of writing lately and sincerely hope to write more in the summer, just as I did with the birth of this blog.


So it’s August 2nd and I am terribly behind on my blogging, I know. I’d like to tell you I don’t know how it happened except I know exactly how it happened!

After school let out I spent a week with my dad and grandmother in Louisiana. I saw Bourbon Street among others and …well, Bourbon Street doesn’t have much for a teenager, I’ll tell you that much. I have some pictures but they were for this scrapbook I /intended/ to make … but I never got a camera when I got here and thus, no pictures have been taken. :/ When I get the photos developed I’ll probably get a CD version and double prints, for my folks in New Orleans. 

Since then, I’ve been in Raleigh. It’s terrific. I’ve visited both Atlantic Beach and the Asheville mountains. Have I ever mentioned that North Carolina is a gorgeous state? I wish I had pictures of all these things … and I do, a bit, on my phone – of the mountains, anyway. 

Regarding summer homework.. I had a terrific weekend a few weekends ago where I knocked out the majority of my psychology assignment. I finished In Cold Blood at my dad’s house, but I’m at a loss on the paper and emailed my teacher for some panicked advice. He responded wonderfully, although he was on vacation at the time and I’m awaiting response on Monday. 

Additionally I need to read a nonfiction book of my own interest and write a book report on it, which I might need to investigate soon as I’m already panicking on the analysis of In Cold Blood. So … we’ll see what goes on there. 

Between now and the time I leave for home I’m attending a wedding of a babysitter the Jones kids used to hire often and visiting my grandpa for a week while the Jones and their cousins the Weisses visit Atlantic Beach again … lucky. In addition to that? Who knows? It’s been a great summer for the majority and I’m happy about it. 

More to come, for sure. 

Reflecting on Sophomore Year

(Warning: I’m writing from my iPhone and it’s 11pm, so I apologize in advance for any spelling errors I miss! Thanks for your patience.)

Today was the last day of my sophomore year in high school.
I don’t really know how to react.

I’ve mentioned my Fantastic Grade Turnaround previously, but it really showed in this past week and on Friday, when final exams started. I had five finals: English, Geometry, Spanish, History and Biology. I got a perfect 100 on the Spanish final. A 98 on the Bio final. And exceptional grades all around except for History which capped off for the year as an 85 and an 81 on the final exam …. But I’m okay with that, because I was worried as hell about that one.

In any event, I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year, despite not really intending to feel more grown up. I feel this need to think about everything … This is only a brief summarization being written in part due to guilt of inactivity from the blog and in part because I am afraid of losing the thoughts if I don’t write them down somewhere!

In any event… I also started my summer homework for my AP English class today. We have to read In Cold Blood. It seems sad on premise but also interesting. Then we have to pick a nonfiction book of our own interest to read and review and I have noooo idea yet what to pick. Tomorrow I think I’ll do the AP Psychology summer homework, which is super simple – taking definitions straight from the book in provided graphic organizers. 😛

It’s 11:10 pm and I’m super sleepy – circadian rhythm still attuned to school. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get on my computer and fill in more details of the last two weeks or so. Have a good week every body – and a good summer!

P.S.: for anyone keeping track.. Is my blog a year old yet?!?

Cupcakes and Writing, Writing and Cupcakes…

Cupcakes. I made ten of them. They are gingerbread cupcakes with cinnamon frosting. They are delicious. I can’t have any because they’re for the concert and dessert night tomorrow.

This entry won’t be long and I apologize but I was cleaning the kitchen immediately after I got home and from there I spent a long time making cupcakes and hanging out with Mom so as you may have guessed I’m rather behind on all of my necessary duties such as showering and scrapwriting/brainstorming for Nano.

Which brings me to writing. Yes, writing. I have an idea. I’m going to try and branch onto it with outlines and developments. We’ll see how that goes. I have high hopes for it, I have a secret source of inspiration I’m drawing from. With luck, all will go well. If not, I have lots of other ideas that I’m also very optimistic about. All is going well considering it’s only the fourth day of October.

I’m really tired and I’m going to go shower now and come back and probably write for Nano and completely forget all about homework until tomorrow morning. Except biology probably because biology is a little more extensive … I think. Maybe? I don’t know. Headaches. Dear lord save me.