Summer came and went.

It’s 10:27 pm and I should be trying to sleep or at least reading because I’m supposed to have read three books this summer for AP English IV, and I’ve read one and haven’t even chosen a third and this is all due by next Friday; and sleeping because tomorrow is my boyfriend’s first day of school and he has to get up ridiculously early to attend with his mom the preparation of the senior breakfast/parade/thing. Lucky, we don’t get a parade.

I’ve totally abandoned this blog over the summer, which I sorely regret. There’ve been a lot of things worth documenting and I haven’t done any of it.

I left for Raleigh on the first of July, the day after the boyfriend’s family returned from the Bahamas. That wasn’t originally our choice date, by the way; that ended up happening because the prices were cheaper for airline tickets. We didn’t do a lot the first couple weeks; we played some games, watched some TV, wrestled around a bit and were lectured about college visits and thoughts and such things. Uncharacteristically of our summers, we did very little cooking or crafting. We did some, sure, but not a whole heck of a lot in comparison to the past couple summers.

So what did we do? We took an unofficial tour of North Carolina State University with the boyfriend’s eldest cousin and an official tour of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (not even close to each other in date), we swam quite a bit at the general pool and not much at all on the working-week-long beach trip, we stayed up late hours to discuss history and philosophy and several other things besides.

In the last week, I panicked and decided to make crazy quick craft progress. I made a yellow pig log pillow (it is the best thing ever, perhaps there will be a picture in a later post), a popsicle-shaped phone case (ditto on the picture), and a no-sew iron-on senior-themed canvas bag.

We had an airport fiasco in which my first of two flights was so heavily delayed (and confusedly so – first it was delayed, then on time, then early, then delayed again …) that I was sure to miss my connecting flight in Dulles, and so I stayed another night than originally planned and left much earlier in the morning than I’d have liked. The boyfriend and I were allowed to snuggle together (under different covers!!!) in the same bed that night, and it was the best sleep I had the whole summer.

That was on Thursday night and Friday morning. Now it’s Sunday night, the boyfriend starts school tomorrow and I on Thursday. We’ll be seniors in high school and we’re going to start looking at applying for colleges as soon as September starts. We’re looking to apply to all of our schools early so that we improve our chances of getting in.

It’s been a good couple of months … and of course, they felt too short. But believe it or not, I’m feeling pretty okay about it. Confident, I might even say.


… Of course, it remains to be seen how long this feeling will last. Good luck to all the other rising seniors out there, and to all the other high school students and college freshmen too.


Upcoming Projects + The Saturday Six

I’ve been so tired, all day long. I stayed up until like three in the morning and I was hardly even tired then, which is my problem at its base. I don’t go to bed when I should and then I wake up around 11-noon and I’m pissed off. I need to make myself sleep earlier but it’s soo hard.

Anyway, Kenny’s on his way home from Disney which is lovely and makes me very very happy. It’s Saturday, which means it’s about two days until I fly out there. Natalie and Kenny are both getting excited because they are actually interested in my crafts! 🙂 Which makes me happy, of course.

Once in NC, Natalie’s requested the mud scrub and Kenny (silly as it is!) wants to try the foot scrub since his feet are all hairy and unruly and.. manly. xD I also plan on making the makeup remover as they have all the supplies there. … I would keep linking, but relinking every single link is probably a stupid idea. Because to sum it up I’m going to work my butt off to get every craft on that list done and even more, with many pictures and reports and things.

I’m beginning to ramble. Let’s get on with Saturday’s meme of six questions about social networking websites.

1. How many social media networks do you belong to at the moment?

This one’s a little hard because I know the basic ones like Facebook and Twitter. I used to have a Myspace and I technically still have the login and do so occasionally just to check it out but generally the only one I really use is Facebook.

2. How many social media networks have you joined, then stopped using because you didn’t care for their setup or operation?

Myspace! I also technically have a LinkedIn and LiveJournal account, but I never to only used them one time, so..

3. Which social media network do you use the most?

Facebook! Again. These are a bit of redundant questions so far, bro… I wonder if WordPress counts as social networking. I mean ti seems pretty social to me, and isn’t the networking the way you can see other peoples’ blogs?

4. Take the quiz: Are You Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?

Oh fine but I’m not happy about this. I got Twitter. That which I barely use. It says I’m energetic and hyperactive and have a terrible attention span. It says I can’t help but let everyone know what I’m doing but that’s not true, because I barely post at all. -_- On any of these sites. I personally think I’m Myspace, tbh, because I used to love customizing my page but I despised the pages that had miles and miles of quiz results, blah blah, etcetera.  Even if no one uses Myspace anymore.

5. How do you feel about geotagging networks like FourSquare, where users can post their current locations: cool idea or security risk?

I never really thought about it as a security risk but now that you think about it it kind of could be one. But people do that on facebook and they usually don’t give like specific addresses.. although I suppose sometimes if someone wanted to they could find the address of like a restaurant; but then again, there’s a bunch of people at restaurants… so.. I don’t know.

6. If you know a company that you do a lot of business with is on a social network that you belong to, are you more likely to “friend” or “like” them?

uhm. Yes. Why would I follow/like someone if I didn’t use their product? That’s like.. the entire point. Like if you’ve got an iPod you obviously use iTunes and therefore if you like ’em on Facebook you can get free songs and stuff, it’s lovely.

Well.. there was The Saturday Six. I dunno, I’m not as impressed as I’ve been with the other blog memes, but that’s that. It’s a little sad. This blog is nearly a week old, depending on when you consider my first day to be since I started it at some erroneous hour of the night.

The Friday Five & Mud Scrub Review

Friday’s memes are few and far between and not that phantasmal, but I’m in a real slump today and I think I’m getting sick or something. It may simply have to do with my terrible sleeping schedule. But I’m not sure. At any rate, here’s a Friday Five meme from LJ.

1.) Bully, teacher’s pet, geek, shy kid in the corner, or something else? I was always the shy girl, who yeah, usually stuck to what the teacher was talking about. That’s become especially more true since I’ve moved to Connecticut because the people here are terrible and kind of incredibly hate me. So, hey, go figure.

2.) What do/did you usually eat during lunch time at school? I actually never had a real problem with school lunches. Maybe I just went to amazing schools? But my lunches have always been great. But on occasion I make my own lunches with awesome sandwiches and snacks and whatnot.

3.) What did/do you normally wear to school? Thinking back to what you wore(if you’ve already graduated), do you like it? Well I’m a sophomore this year, and I dress in whatever I like that also feels good. Jeans and shorts and cute tops and hoodies. I like the way I dress.

4.) Any sports/activities/clubs you participate(d) in? I’m terrible at sports and have bad coordination. But this year I’m planning on joining the GSA because I’ve not been in any clubs and the GSA is something that I actually care about. So..

5.) Any worthwhile friends you (would) still keep up with after graduation? I’ve moved a bunch of times and I’ve managed to keep one friend since kindergarten: Katie. Past that, friendships haven’t really been permanent for me. :/

So.. that’s that.

In better news, as promised, earlier this morning I did take a shower with my lovely Mud Scrub. It was amazing! All day, my skin has felt lovely and soft and precious. However – and this may be my fault because I didn’t put enough oil in – I did notice that it was much looser than the other scrub I made and kind of fell all over the place instead of, you know, on my body. I think I’ll improve this next time by substituting baby oil in lieu of the extra virgin olive oil because I’ve used baby oil before and also cover the ingredients completely which I didn’t do because I was afraid of adding too much..aannnd.. yep.
I’m rambling. xD Like I said, today’s really an off day for me. Thanks for reading, though~

Number One – Mud Scrub!

So yes, I’m entirely aware that I’m posting this at one-something in the morning. About an hour ago I was in my kitchen with the new coffee grounds my mom bought earlier in the day and well, here we are. Let us dive into the journey of the awesome mud scrub.


Here the ingredients are in my mixing bowl. That weird clump on the right is my spoon of mixing. Looks awesome other than that, eh? Also… isn’t that a fabulous picture? So all that this is, is a cup of cane sugar, store-brand ‘classic’ coffee grounds, and extra virgin olive oil. That is the base recipe of the ‘mud’ scrub and all that creates the mud. The website then calls for extracts for giving your scrub a fragrance other than coffee. She calls for peppermint and vanilla extracts, but since I only had vanilla I just did an extra teaspoon of vanilla.

The Jar of Mud

Here is the lovely finished product in its mason jar (my very first one ever!) which I’m extremely excited about. I’ve never used mason jars before tonight and, well, the crafting universe is all about these crazy things. I think it turned out rather nice but it’s really quite late to take a shower and use it, eh?

Inside the Jar of Mud Scrub

Tomorrow I’ll experience the loveliness of this mud scrub and will report with my normal blog post how it turns out. For any late-night viewers or people who see this at a later date, do enjoy. This is the first of the thirteen crafts I’ve planned to try and, here it is.

Thursday 13: Crafts I Want to Try

As I said, I’ve been going around meme-hunting for this blog. But before I was doing that, as I also mentioned, I’ve been stocking up on wonderful DIY crafts and projects to do. Today’s meme, found at (of course) TDM, is simply trying to get you to open up with other people that participate in the Thursday 13 meme. Sharing and talking about.. anything, really, there is no criteria. So, since I’ve been stockpiling on crafts,  that’s my first TT entry. 🙂

1.)  ‘Mud’ Body Scrub 

This sugar and coffee scrub has many healing and soothing as well as exfoliating qualities to make your skin glow. Just reading the description makes me wish my mom drank coffee so I could make it immediately! But that’s okay, trip soon. 🙂

2.) Makeup Remover 

This three-ingredient little spray seems cool and refreshing and an inexpensive method of removing makeup and freshening up. How much better can it get? Well, we’ll see when I try it. 😛

3.) Tin Lanterns 

This is a really simple but really adorable project that I’m certainly going to try as soon as possible. I was thinking of attaching colored saran wrap to the insides of the can, so when you put the tea light in there, the design on the can shows up in a pretty color instead of white. What a lovely idea~

4.) Key Holders 

This is a collection of crafty ideas and projects to make a hanger for your keys so you never lose them again. I think my favorite may be this one, repurposing silverware. They look lovely and crafty, but also like they’re supposed to look that way. 😛 Sometimes it’s obvious when you make something that you made it, but those look like something you could buy if you wanted to.

5.) Organizing Crafts 

This is another collection but of helpful, organization crafts. Many of them seem to specify that they’re for home offices but several of them could be used in a bedroom or elsewhere you see fit. All of them seem like lovely additions to any home that could very much so help you keep track of things, and I’ll certainly be trying many if not all of these crafts.

6.) Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub 

This is the first recipe I ever found for a sugar scrub while searching CraftGawker. It’s more complex than the sugar scrub I showed you before, which is the only reason I’ve yet to try it. I have most of the ingredients for this one, but I know that Kenny’s mom will have all of them in her kitchen so I’ve decided to wait awhile before making this sweet treat.

7.) Bath Salts

If you’ve yet to notice, I very much enjoy my bath time products. I started with making soap with a soap-making kit at the craft store. Then I found sugar scrubs on CraftGawker. And it’s progressed ever since. My second bath time product that I found was bath salts. I love bath salt. My mom used to get them and they make your bath feel like a dream. This is a very good, cheap and simple find.

8.) Homemade Lotion

This one comes from one of my favorite blogs, A Sonoma Garden. She has a lot of amazing homemade recipes and remedies as opposed to buying ready-made products in stores. This one has been on the top of my list to try for awhile now but the ingredients may or may not be out of your purchasing range. At least, that’s why I’ve yet to make it.

9.) Honey Milk Bath 

Both of the recipes found on this here website sound lovely. Both of these ingredients are very good for the skin and leave you feeling warm and spoiled. Which you deserve! So go ahead and indulge with these simple ingredients that you probably already have in your house. 🙂 (At least I do, and I’m just too lazy to have tried this one yet … also partially due to the fact I take more showers than baths.)

10.) Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves 

Now I have yet to learn to sew but I plan on doing so upon arrival in North Carolina for my second trip this summer. And this just looks.. so adorable. And lovely and awesome. And I’ll learn to get so good at sewing that the fact that this is a coffee cup sleeve won’t matter because I’ll learn how to adjust them to whatever cup I use because this is so cute.

11.) Sewing an iPod Sleeve

Another sewing project, this miniature iPod sleeve is super adorable. As I have trouble with my iPod and the iPhone I’m about to receive in a few weeks, I’m very cautious about my iPod’s safety. I’m not sure if I will therefore trust this sleeve or not to protect my iPod.. but we’ll see.

12.) Gingerbread Muffins w/ Cinnamon Frosting 

These last two links will be about cooking recipes I’ve found either on CraftGawker or on a sister site of CraftGawker, similarly titled FoodGawker. This one is of a truly lovely blog called Vanilla and Lace. These muffins.. they just.. they sound delicious. My stomach is cringing in hunger and desire just by typing this up. They look and sound like heaven.

13.) Buttermilk Biscuits

These things.. ohhh. Just click the link and stare at that image. Then click on the image and let it get huge and let your stomach threaten to kill you if you don’t feed it. This is one of the first things I plan on making once I get to Raleigh. I hope I do well, they look so delicious.

So there you have it, folks, my longest article to date is  my first Thursday Thirteen meme. I hope you enjoyed finding all these wonderful crafts and projects and recipes to try on your own. 🙂

Sugar: Sweeter Than You Think

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been locked up at home during the middle month of my summer vacation in which I’m doing absolutely nothing. Due to this, I’ve been looking up things I can do with all this spare time. The result? Lots and lots and lots of ideas for homemade, do-it-yourself crafts. I’ve made two so far, a sugar scrub to use in the bath or shower that exfoliates and softens your skin and a thicker, rougher foot scrub that tackles the dry skin we so often see on our feet.

Sugar Scrub

Here is a picture of one of my batches of sugar scrub. It is rather simple, consisting of only pure white sugar and Johnson’s baby oil. You take the container (I used plastic because it’s small and all I really need; some people use mason jars or any various small container) and fill it with as much sugar as you want scrub. Then, once you break up all the sugar rocks, slowly pour in baby oil until the entire mixture is saturated. Cap and store in your bathroom.

As you can see, I don’t use very much at a time and so I’ve had no problems with storage although you must be cautious not to get water in your container while you bathe as sugar does dissolve in water.

Foot Scrub

The above picture is taken directly from Miss Julie’s website, the blogger who posted this wonderful foot scrub recipe. It’s funny because the bowl that I ended up using was pink as well. Anyway, this delightful scrub consists of brown sugar, honey, lemon juice, and almond or olive oil. Now, as delightful as this was, I noticed mine was a little runny and liquid-y which was sort of annoying to me since I would’ve preferred a thicker substance for scrubbing on the feet. The measurements on her website are the ones I used so if you prefer a more liquid scrub then by all means, follow them, but I think next time I’ll try a bit more sugar or a bit less of the liquid ingredients.

Despite the fact that it was rather loose and liquid, I very much enjoyed this foot scrub! I left on little ankle socks once I was done scrubbing my feet and drying them off so as to let them really feel the effect of the scrub. When I took the socks off a few hours later my feet were incredibly softer, not to mention most of the gross dry-skin eliminated. It was definitely something I will be doing again, even if I adjust the measurements a small bit.

So those are the two crafty projects I’ve attempted so far in my own home. Next Monday night I’ll be travelling to my boyfriend Kenny’s house in North Carolina where we plan on doing a bit more “out-there” crafts with some more specific ingredients that aren’t always found in your kitchen or pantry. Ironically, I also plan on learning to cook and bake while there, in addition to learning to sew. 🙂 As you can see I’ve many things planned, and that’s just the beginning! I’ve got my beautiful camera with me and plan on taking many pictures. Indeed, this blog will begin to pick up as more interesting things happen. Until next time!