My name is Veronica. I’m a junior in high school graduating in 2014. I’ll be going to college after high school and ideally I would like to become a video game developer. I’m also interested in writing and psychology. I dye my hair. I love to bake. I play a lot of WoW. I like Monster and Dr Pepper. My favorite color’s blue and I like a lot of others besides. Ditto on liking everything else, my favorite band has always been Green Day.

Here is my story.

I was born early in the morning in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 26th, 1995. My mother and father were married at the time but divorced only a couple of years later. My dad ended up moving to Florida to pursue not only another woman (who he ended up marrying and was a wonderful lady, don’t get me wrong) but less responsibility as well. When I was four, my mom got a full-time gig at The Star-Telegram in Fort Worth, Texas,  and she took it. When my dad and his fiance(e? I can never remember which is which) and her three daughters moved to the next city over so that I could have both of my parents in my life. From kindergarten until third grade, I lived primarily with my dad and moved back and forth between his house and my mom’s apartment. My mom then started dating a wonderful man who had the same name as my dad but was a world of differences. She moved in with him and from then until the end of fifth grade I lived with the two of them. Those were good years. They even got engaged. But unfortunately it did not last and it never bloomed into marriage. They split up and my mother dated a really bad guy for almost two years. For my sixth grade year, I went to William James Middle School and so I lived with Mom and her boyfriend. In the meantime, my dad’s mother (my grandma) was relocated to North Carolina due to Hurricane Katrina. My dad and the second woman he married eventually split and he went to live with his mother. At the end of my sixth grade year I decided to move in with them because of intolerable personal conditions. From there I finished my sixth grade and started my seventh grade year in Garner, North Carolina before we moved to a house in Raleigh and I attended Carroll Middle School for most of seventh and most of eighth grade. At the almost-end of 8th grade in January of 2010, my dad sprung on me that he was moving and I had two choices: go with him or move in with my mother, who had gotten a job at ESPN in Connecticut shortly after I left her. I desperately looked for an alternative but, finding none, indignantly moved back with my mom. She had at least ditched her deadbeat boyfriend, but I faced a new challenge by moving in with her again: Connecticut. New England. I finished eighth grade here and am now in the almost-middle of my junior year of high school. Who knows how much longer I’ll be here, or where I’m going next? I sure don’t, but I know I’m going places.


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