People Are Actually Bitching About The Oscars.





Listen. I consider myself a feminist. I believe in equal pay and all the good politics. I am in favor of video games that 1.) allow you to choose whether you’re a girl or a guy and 2.) video games that feature stronger female characters (and if you are too, and have some spare change, I highly recommend checking this out). I think the folks at Fat, Ugly or Slutty are completely justified in being appalled at the things that are sent in daily, and I think it’s sad that Anita Sarkeesian was sent death and rape threats because she wanted to make some videos.

I know that this has gone over a lot of peoples’ heads, but Seth MacFarlane is NOT:

  • sexist
  • racist
  • stupid
  • -insert X-ist slur here-
  • the worst Oscar’s host of all time

He’s actually very educated. The beauty of Family Guy, American Dad and the rest are that yes, they appear to (and do) appeal to the lowest common denominator of comedy on the surface – but if you are current on pop culture or worldly issues or history or art, et cetera, there’s a lot of intelligence written in. Not to mention musicals and movies. I am hoping with sincerity that the people who honestly believe he’s sexist have never seen Family Guy, because any viewers know that he makes fun of EVERYTHING.

Additionally, and I’d like to say this in my own words, but: The Advocate did a better job.

One more, small point, directly to the feminists everywhere who’re hating on Seth MacFarlane: do you really not have any more serious things to complain about? Are there no injustices in the world of women that demand more attention than this? And if the answer is no, then you should be happy. You should be fuckin’ rejoicing, throwing a big party.

Seriously, this kind of petty bitching is the reason that the majority of the United States thinks feminism is a joke. Stop making the rest of us look bad just ’cause you’re desperate for attention.

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