Well … Fuck Him Anyway!

So, today is the first day of February and my mom’s asshat of a boyfriend decided to dump her two weeks before Valentine’s. Ain’t he a prize. Well, here’s to the hope that he won’t wake her up at 4 or 5 in the morning and say “Oh baby I’m so sorry” blah blah blah blah blah.

Needless to say, she is distraught. Here is the playlist of the CD I burned her in case someone out there is also having a shitty February already, or was just single to begin with and would like some cool empowering songs. Included in this post are snippets of lyrics… and I was gonna write some but about halfway through I got burnt out so instead you get the playlist alone and maybe later I’ll give some reasonings. ALSO FEEL FREE TO POST MORE SONGS IN THE COMMENTS, because I discovered a couple of these tonight and I’m super glad I took a chance on ’em.

1.) Bang Bang Bang – Christina Perri
“All my life you know I haven’t been very love strong / There’s been so many fights that I fought and I never won”

2.) Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
“Here’s the thing, we started out friends / It was cool but it was all pretend”

3.) Over You – Daughtry
“Now that it’s all said and done / I can’t believe you were the one / To build me up and tear me down / Like an old abandoned house”

4.) No Good – Kate Voegele
“I never feared the unexpected/ Until I found myself in this peculiar place”

5.) Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar
“Well you’re a real tough cookie with a long history / Of breaking little hearts like the one in me”

6.) Smile – Lily Allen
“When you first left me / I was wanting more / But you were fucking that girl next door / What’d you do that for?”

7.) Number One – Skye Sweetnam
“I saw my boyfriend hanging with this girl that I hate / He didn’t have to tell me why last night he was late”

8.) What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) – Kelly Clarkson
“You know the bed feels warmer / Sleeping here alone / You know I dream in color / And do the things I want”

9.) Fuck You – Cee Lo Green
“I see you drivin’ ’round town with the girl I love / and I’m like, fuck you-oo, hoo-hoo-hoo”

10.) So What – P!nk
“So what / I’m still a rock star / I got my rock moves / and I don’t need you / and guess what / I’m having more fun / and now that we’re done / I’m gonna show you tonight”

11.) Gives You Hell – The All American Rejects
“Truth be told I miss you / and truth be told I’m LYIN'”

12.) Sucks To Be You – Danielle Peck
“I tried to love you baby / but I couldn’t make you happy / and it just really shouldn’t be so hard”

13.) Undo It – Carrie Underwood
“You stole my happy / you made me cry / took the lonely and took me for a ride”

Opinions! I hope you like it, I hope she likes it when she listens to it in the morning/at some point tomorrow. Have a good night and hopefully better luck in your love life in the future, lovely readers. Do post your own recommendations!

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