The Stuff!

I got an Alienware. It’s beautiful. I love it so very much. I don’t really have enough words for how much I love it. It is personalized and has my name laser-cut in the plate on the bottom.

I also got a thermal-painted mug from ThinkGeek which I adore, with a pixelated heart on the front. It fills up with red with warm beverage inside. It is wonderful. I also got a Horde wallet and beanie, which are wonderful. I also got demon hunter socks (Diablo 3), two sets of pajamas, too many pairs of socks to count, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, The Secret World, Saints Row: The Third, and other awesome odds and ends.

Among several other awesome gifts, here are some highlights … Kenny, Natalie and Deanna got their mom a customized photo album, which was really spectacular and well put-together. Kenny and his dad both got brand new gaming keyboards, which are super wonderful (I got to use both before leaving!). Kenny’s dad also got a huge framed version of the family picture they took this year, which Kenny’s mom and I wrapped with the big bag they use to store tissue paper because yay recycling. Kenny received a one-soda-fitting USB refrigerator from ThinkGeek (popular spot for gifts this year). Kenny’s mom got three premium dog beds for her three pups – Muffin, Vivi and Curly. Deanna got an excellent jewelry tree and a mini camera, both of which she adores. Natalie got a neat memory photo board,  and a candle plus a hand-made candle holder Deanna made in pottery class.

For Deanna, I bought an awesome three-tier candle (scents include waterfall, ocean breeze and mountain air). For Kenny’s grandpa, who blesses his grandkids and the overly-fortunate me with creative monetary gifts every year, I got a fluffy dog bed for his beagle Ginger. For Natalie, I got a banana paper notebook because she likes doodling and writing and being green. For their dad, I got a memory-foam premium mouse pad … because it wasn’t dragons or Star Wars-related which are the kinds of presents he gets every year from everyone else! I also got two pairs of holiday towels because their downstairs bathroom is being renovated and Kenny’s mom mentioned being excited about refurnishing and decorating it. Aaaand Kenny’s awesome gift will be reserved for his 18th birthday in May because I completely flopped this year for Christmas, for which I deeply apologized about a million times. I wrapped and ‘gave’ him a super soft and warm blanket his mom had purchased and let me put my name on the nametag for. At least he liked the blanket … but I can’t slack like that!

For my mom, there were four presents. One was a mix CD with happy music on it, customized with music I picked out for her and music she’d been wanting. She uses these CDs in her car because she 1.) can’t plug her old iPod in to the car adapter and 2.) refuses to put much music on her work-paid iPhone. One was an Android action figure that Kenny bought two of from ThinkGeek, the other going to his friend in Web Dev who looooves Android. My mom’s first phone-of-choice, bought shortly before her job paid for her iPhone, was an Android – and although she has come to love her iPhone, she loves the little figure still. One was an orange popsicle magnet from Cleveland’s airport, through which I connected on my homecoming flight. The final present was a Cleveland Browns feminine-fit low-cut shirt which is brown and not orange, because despite graduating from OSU, she insists she looks bad in orange. She loved everything.

I think this Christmas was supremely awesome for everyone.

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