Lessons in Love


Tonight’s post is brought to you by complete and total idiocy.

Some people drive me absolutely insane. Number one on that list being my mother who y’all are all accustomed to by now. Like usual she is getting upset at everything and taking no responsibility for anything that happens to her and getting lots’a booze and what not … and of course, taking out every thing that ever upsets her on ME because I’m here and she can. 😐 Another being a friend I’ve made recently (SHOCKER!) who’s super nice and like most nice guys in the world … gets fucked over by stupid useless girls. Le siiiigh.

All right so anyway, here’s some words of some kind of hopefully positive inspirational … something. I don’t even know. Most of these feel like common sense to me but I’ve been listening and watching and it seems like people just LACK COMMON SENSE these days so here we go.


Seriously … Every person I’ve ever encountered who acts like no one cares about them actually has a lot of people who care about them. That, or they post on things like TUMBLR or Twitter or whatever else where they have a cool unit of similarity and support each other and shit, you know? Sometimes even both are true! And it just makes me sad to see people who are so fucking determined to be unhappy that they literally do not give a fuck about themselves. They actually ignore or don’t care about people who want to make them/their situation better. What do you say to someone like this? Seriously, cause all the things I’ve BEEN saying don’t seem to register with anyone. >_>; So if you feel this way, take a good look at your peers. There’s probably a lot of shitty ones yeah. But there are probably a lot more than you like to acknowledge who care about what happens to you!

2.) Don’t put yourself in situations that will upset you.

I know, right? Do I have to say this? COMMON SENSE! Right? Evidently not, because nobody seems to understand this concept. Hmm, I like this girl and she’s offering me to hang out, but this other guy she likes is going .. I SHOULD TOTALLY GO! Or: This guy treats me like an absolute douchebag, but I LIKE HIM. Hmm… No. STOP IT. Just … why are you doing this to yourselves? Why? WHYWHYWHY?

3.) Stop letting people take advantage of you.

I can be brutally honest here because no one who this is about is likely to read it. Most of the people in these kinds of situations are not the strongest of people. They’ve had shitty pasts and relationships and what-have-you else, and they’re (generally) good people. Who are really nice to everyone, and don’t know how to deal with people of the opposite sex who they’re attracted to. Well let me tell you. No matter how much you like a person, if they treat you like you’re worthless while you treat them like a king or queen, they are absolutely not worth your time. You need someone who values you and your opinions and feelings and thoughts and everything! Not someone who just wants you when it’s convenient for them for whatever reason.

4.) If you’re mad at someone, don’t talk to them. 

Even if they’re talking to you. Fuckin’ ignore their asses. They were douches and you actually acknowledged it instead of being a beaten housewife and saying you fucking deserved it – WHICH IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT! Have some fuckin’ confidence in your feelings because you matter.

5.) Stop telling everyone you talk to about your exes.

They are exes. They are out of your lives. Assuming you actually hope to get over them, stop inserting them into every conversation. STOP. STOPPPP.

Okay … I ran out of steam and attention for this one but please, people, care about yourselves. Care about yourselves and try to be a little optimistic. It will pay off, I swear to you.

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