Thursday Thirteen: Things I’m Going to Do With My Kids.

1.) Go around the table at Thanksgiving and say what we’re thankful for.

When I was a kid, we did this every year almost. Since a few years ago I spend it with my mom – always, whether I live with her or not – and I love her but we don’t do this. I usually do it internally or talk about my boyfriend with it. Judging by the nature of this meme, I might blog about what I’m thankful for this year. 🙂

2.) Wake up early on Christmas morning. 

Seriously, how many of you have parents that wouldn’t wake up early on Christmas? I’m going to wake up earlier than they will and I’m going to make biscuits or cookies and hot chocolate. I’m gonna make the house smell like delight before they can feel it.

3.) Help them with homework and keep up with their schoolwork.

I’m a pretty sharp kid. Until high school, I never needed to study, and as such it’s something I had to transition myself into. With my kids, I’m going to keep up with all of their schoolwork and make sure they’re exerting themselves and not lazing away.

4.) Talk to them about their days at school and how they are doing.

I’m going to be interested in their lives. They’re not going to have boyfriends or girlfriends I don’t know about – not because they’ll get in trouble or whatever, but because I’ll be curious. I’ll want to know everything, inexhaustibly.

5.) Sit as a family together at dinnertime.

This doesn’t even have to be in a dining room with a big table in a circle while we all stare  at each other. We could watch a movie together at dinnertime for all I care. And it doesn’t have to be EVERY day – there can be exceptions. But I will want to ensure that I have a family … not a pack of people who sometimes see each other around the house but don’t interact.

6.) Get them involved in activities they’re interested in and encourage them to branch out.

Will they love to write? Join newspaper! Will they have natural leadership skills? Go for student council. Whatever they’re interested in, I’m gonna want them to go for it in life. You can’t sit back and expect things to fall in your lap – you have to go out and search for the life that you want and make it. So … start with extracurriculars.

7.) Give them advice when they want it and try not to pry when they don’t.

I never want my kids to feel like they can’t talk to me. I always want to be available when they want me and stay comfortably away when that’s what they want. When my kids grow up, I don’t want them to be itching to get away from their parents, but to be sad to go. I want to help them and teach them it’s okay to be curious, to ask questions.

8.) Be there for them always and let them know I’m available at all times. 

This is kind of the last one extended, but the point’s still as strong. I want my kids to really love their parents. I want them to know that we’ll care about them.

9.) Answer all of their questions.

I’ll not beat the curiosity out of them with impatience. If they ask something, I’ll do the best I can to answer it myself and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll look for it. I never want my kids to STOP questioning the world and the way it works. I want them to keep that innate curiosity we all once had as young children.

10.) Encourage questions and try to spark curiosity in other topics.

If they ask me why is the sky blue I’ll ask them other questions about space or the sky. I’ll make them interested in knowing things. I’ll make them PROUD to be intelligent, which is something my generation (young as it is) is already losing sight of.

11.) Read them bedtime stories. 

Self-explanatory. My favorite when I was a kid was Harold and the Purple Crayon.

12.) Let them decorate their bedrooms any way they want. 

Who wants a rocket ship bed, or a princess curtain? Who wants to paint their room their favorite color? Who wants a desk with a funky lamp? My kids will do this and more; whatever they want. Let their creativity flow.

13.) Take them to Disney.

When I was a little girl my dad promised he would take me to Disney World. He has yet to keep this promise. My mom works at ESPN, which is owned by Disney, and we get discounts and I still haven’t been able to go. This may be a little-known secret to some of you … but I LOVE Disney, and I will go. I will take my kids and we will get autograph books and every single character will sign. I will take them everywhere. I will drink Monster to keep up with them if I have to and we’ll explore everything.

This is a Thursday Thirteen I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I don’t even remember what sparked it, but it’s been sitting in my iPhone for approximately 160 days and therefore I decided it was time to write it. Here it is. I know it’s Wednesday… I’ll put the link up on T13 tomorrow. 🙂

I hope everyone’s doing well. I miss blogging but I usually have too much to say or not nearly enough to write, and for this I apologize. For those of you keeping track, I’m stressed. I am trying to finish two articles for my school’s newspaper and I’m worried that I will not finish them in time. I have two tests tomorrow that I’m actually not very nervous about except it’ll be a half day and we’ll have much less time than usual to take them. Hm … I’m pretty sure that’s about it. I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year but I’ll probably post about it the closer it gets. I may or may not take another complete hiatus from blogging in November, I guess we’ll see where it goes. 🙂


Bad night


When most people don’t care, and those who’re nice enough to care have no idea how to help, and barely even listen.

What do you do then?

A Brightening Future

Let us hope that I can retain enough sensibility to write a full blog post on just how excellent I feel, because I honestly doubt it.

Part of this highly elated mood is due to Monster, which I will readily admit contributed but firmly deny whole responsibility.

Today is Columbus Day (which I could probably write a whole different post on and so is only being mentioned for the reasoning for my having-today-off-ness, nothing else) which means I’m home alone on a beautifully chilly October day. I woke up at 8 am to my mom leaving for work (lookin’ gawjus if I may say so myself) and spent about fifteen minutes on Facebook before deciding to Grow Up and do Important Things which meant doing AP English homework that I’ve been putting off all weekend because it’s an absolute drag and mental toll.

WHICH I DID! And then I needed a beverage so I made the split-second decision to get a  Monster instead of the usual Dr Pepper which, like I said, has been partially responsible for this great feeling. I finished the rest of my English homework (in case you’re curious: annotate a thirteen page article about plastic surgery [which I’d give the specifics for but have ALREADY MANAGED TO FORGET, sorry] and a packet detailing the Argumentative Essay for the AP exam] and then continued to some other homework I didn’t even remember that I had.

Between finishing English and discovering that I’d forgotten to do the self-timed 20 minute PSAT math section … I thought, Wow! This would be a great time to fill out that Job Shadow Request form my career counselor gave me like … what, two weeks ago. SO OF COURSE after I finished moar homework, this is exactly what I did.

Now … I’m not sure how much if at all I’ve discussed this on my blog. And if I have before it’s probably been about writing or psychology. The reason I’m not going into writing (despite it being a gigantic passion of mine) is because it is not a guaranteed career. You could be a great writer and not make any money or any sustainable money. So, taking that into consideration … it’s a negative. Psychology is still a viable and competing option … but, it’s more of an intense interest of mine than something I would (ideally, optimally) like to go into for a career. What I’d really like to be is a game developer.

Of course, this is a long shot. It is not likely. It would be GREAT. But it is not likely. So what I want to be is a software engineer. This means programming.

It’s a good thing that I have a thirst to learn because lemme tell you something right now. The only coding language I know anything at all of is HTML. I taught myself HTML with w3schools which is an absolutely excellent source … however, as the name suggests, it’s all about web development. WHICH IS GREAT, really. If you have a passion for it, GO INTO IT, because it is also lucrative as hell and it’s only becoming more and more popular.

But it’s important to mention that HTML is not exactly … programming. I mean, not in my opinion in how I view ‘programming.’ When you’re done you have a website which is absolutely a product and something to be proud of. But the difference (in my OWN PERSONAL OPINION … I hope I’m not wrong and don’t attract a crowd of angry web developers) is basically … an executable. When you program something it’s interactive and you run it and it does X Y and Z commands.

I keep feeling like I’m discrediting or down-talking the value of websites and web development which I’m NOT trying to do. How do you display your product or get someone to download it? Websites!

Okay. Have I made that clear? GOOD.

I’m so excited.

I live in CONNECTICUT which isn’t, as my dad puts it, “a hot bed for software development.” And he’s right. But that’s what’s so great about software engineers and  developers and the like – they are everywhere. Even if I job shadow a hundred (exaggeration) software engineers in Connecticut and I think they’re boring and what they do is boring boring boring and I’m discouraged …. guess what! In order to get to the tier that I’d like to get to, I’ll have to do boring things anyway. No way around it. That’s honestly probably true with ANY career. But the computer industry is only expanding, and that means job security is pretty high. Which means chances are good that in the future when I  graduate from college and have this extensive, expansive, eager-to-learn knowledge and mentality of all things COMPUTER …. I will get a job, and I will enjoy where I am indefinitely more than I enjoy Connecticut.

TOO LONG; DIDN’T READ: I’m sixteen years old and planning my future, and I couldn’t be happier with where I’m headed.