That Awful Realization: You Now Like Twitter

So it started with a Facebook post from some irrelevant group that was liked months ago for some sentiment or another and now they all post pictures that don’t relate to their name but are (supposed to be, anyway) funny in order to keep the fans enjoying the page.
Which is funny, because it doesn’t matter if you don’t post funny things – if you don’t, there is no reason for someone to unfollow your group or page or whatever. You aren’t offending them and it’s unlikely for someone to say, “X page isn’t entertaining me, and therefore I am going to stop liking it!”

Anyhow! I digress.

The picture … I am mobile blogging, I can probably put it here!!
Well damn, that didn’t work. But I can link to the Twitter post! So let’s do that.
Phew. iPhones are kickass. I am, unfortunately, not being paid to sponsor iPhones (I don’t have a big enough blog for that, ha!) nor do I have the best or newest or even the next-to-newest… I have a 3G (I think) which means no Siri. And I haven’t updated to iOS 6 yet, either, because I have heard baaaad things about it. BUT overall my iPhone makes me happy, it’s very reliable and versatile, the battery life depends on the usage which is fair, and just is overall a pretty great phone.


Wow, I hope that works. In the mobile app, I’m apparently seeing the coding version of the post, and that is of course ugly.

In any event. I keep digressing. Sorry, this is what happens when I become too busy to blog. :c

So with that picture the thought entered my mind that, “Oh my god, my Mom’s Scottish friend would like that!”

At this point, however, I didn’t know how to add pictures to Twitter.

Later, I was sitting alone very bored in my house, very still because I am sick and I keep coughing up a storm if I relax too much. And I decided to look at pictures on my phone when I accidentally held my finger over a picture too long which made the little options-UI show up. (Since I know not everyone has an iPhone I would like to post a picture of this but alas you will have to wait until I get my laptop at some point in the future.)
And one of the options was … TWEET!
And that is how you use TwitPic! I never knew.

Tl;dr: I posted a Scottish joke on Twitter for a Scottish guy, and his reaction is not exactly describable as good or bad. Damn.

In summary, I haven’t had my computer for approximately a week (has it really only been one week?) and as such blogging is difficult, but of course — here I am, on the WordPress app I downloaded a year ago and never use. C:

Will write more soon!

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