Stress and Gaming: Two Brief Rants

Homework can be a useful tool for reviewing and mastering material. It can also be a powerful tool of torture when everyone expects you to complete everything in such a short amount of time that you have little to no relaxation time left over. Furthermore, headaches are terrible and migraines are worse.

Because it’s 10 pm and I need to go to bed soon … That’s all I’m really gonna say about  school. Today was a bad day, and after I did as much as necessary for school tomorrow, I spent a lot of the afternoon and evening on World of Warcraft.

If y’all are anywhere near as nerdy as me, or nerdy to any extent about computer games, you probably know that World of Warcraft’s long-awaited expansion Mists of Pandaria was released yesterday. And if you’ve ever played WoW or any MMO right after the release of brand new content, you know that it’s crazily crowded and usually a pain to get anything done because everyone’s competing to get the loot off of X amount of mobs. Et cetera.

IN ANY EVENT, Blizzard has these cross-realm zones and a lot of people don’t like them. At the same time, it’s day two of a new expansion … and everyone’s down-talking Blizzard and calling them stupid, et cetera. It’s like, hm — if you don’t like Blizzard, you don’t have to play the damn game! Some of us enjoy WoW and love the game we play and that is why we play! I’m not sure why I’m writing about this … the person who set me off was talking in Westfall General a few hours ago and I had a lot more mojo to rant about then, and now I’m just kind of mildly angry.

The point is Blizzard works really hard to provide for their fanbase and if you don’t like what they’re doing … take it to the forums, IF you can do so in a civil manner. Moderators actually frequent the forums and respond to player threads all of the time. They’re always looking for feedback … constructive feedback. Too many assholes and morons just say “Lol FUCK U BLIZZ u sux”  …. no, Blizzard’s not going to give you a response that way.


Classical Music While Blogging in the Library Media Center

Because evidently I am the coolest thing since sliced bread.

I’ve got four minutes. Let’s do this.

I had a shit ton of homework to do for English and I had so much from all of my other classes yesterday that I didn’t want to finish English yesterday afternoon. It would have been a beating, and just not fun.

So today instead of having sociolgy class, we were taken to a study hall. This was great for me. Ideally, I would have been able to do work in there and finish the rest in the beginning of this study hall and then continue to work in the library volunteering as per usual.

Except here I am, and I’m blogging instead. Mostly cause the secretary of the library is at lunch early, because there’s a class in the LMC today. Unfortunately. Also there are now FIREWORKS going off in my head. Today is one of those days where YouTube is blocked, so I’m using to listen to Tchaikovsky. Didn’t know he had fireworks at his disposal for instruments. That’s pretty freakin’ inventive, Tchaikovsky. Nice goin’.

Three minutes have elapsed. The class isn’t here yet and I am still rambling, huzzah!

Except the music isn’t what I had hoped it would be and I’m so antsy that I’m wasting the rest of my fourth minute so should I really keep trying to type after this?

Oh! One more thing that I do want to talk about. And my friend is here for C lunch, so then I really have to go. We had to read a speech by Obama for English homework and annotate it …


Nevermind gotta go! Bye bloggees!

That Awful Realization: You Now Like Twitter

So it started with a Facebook post from some irrelevant group that was liked months ago for some sentiment or another and now they all post pictures that don’t relate to their name but are (supposed to be, anyway) funny in order to keep the fans enjoying the page.
Which is funny, because it doesn’t matter if you don’t post funny things – if you don’t, there is no reason for someone to unfollow your group or page or whatever. You aren’t offending them and it’s unlikely for someone to say, “X page isn’t entertaining me, and therefore I am going to stop liking it!”

Anyhow! I digress.

The picture … I am mobile blogging, I can probably put it here!!
Well damn, that didn’t work. But I can link to the Twitter post! So let’s do that.
Phew. iPhones are kickass. I am, unfortunately, not being paid to sponsor iPhones (I don’t have a big enough blog for that, ha!) nor do I have the best or newest or even the next-to-newest… I have a 3G (I think) which means no Siri. And I haven’t updated to iOS 6 yet, either, because I have heard baaaad things about it. BUT overall my iPhone makes me happy, it’s very reliable and versatile, the battery life depends on the usage which is fair, and just is overall a pretty great phone.


Wow, I hope that works. In the mobile app, I’m apparently seeing the coding version of the post, and that is of course ugly.

In any event. I keep digressing. Sorry, this is what happens when I become too busy to blog. :c

So with that picture the thought entered my mind that, “Oh my god, my Mom’s Scottish friend would like that!”

At this point, however, I didn’t know how to add pictures to Twitter.

Later, I was sitting alone very bored in my house, very still because I am sick and I keep coughing up a storm if I relax too much. And I decided to look at pictures on my phone when I accidentally held my finger over a picture too long which made the little options-UI show up. (Since I know not everyone has an iPhone I would like to post a picture of this but alas you will have to wait until I get my laptop at some point in the future.)
And one of the options was … TWEET!
And that is how you use TwitPic! I never knew.

Tl;dr: I posted a Scottish joke on Twitter for a Scottish guy, and his reaction is not exactly describable as good or bad. Damn.

In summary, I haven’t had my computer for approximately a week (has it really only been one week?) and as such blogging is difficult, but of course — here I am, on the WordPress app I downloaded a year ago and never use. C:

Will write more soon!

3 Reasons ‘Teenage Posts’ Are Stupid

Technology poster.

Technology: Apparently, the end of the modern world. Prepare your calendars, kids!

I have three points to make about this image and I shared it on Facebook so that I could write them out in the shorthand, and now I feel like sharing it here. So, here goes: 3 Reasons This Banners (And Others With Similar Sentiments) Are Stupid.

1.) Nobody buys both an iPod and an iPhone. 

Seriously, the person who wrote this particular banner to spread the raising idiocy of our youth evidently has no knowledge of technology themselves, because an iPhone is simply an iPod Touch with calling and texting abilities. It can use all the same apps and plays music just as any other iPod would. Even the most spoiled child’s parents are probably not dumb enough to buy them both, because it’d be a waste of money and a lack of use of logic. This is even more basic than the average common sense. It’s just how electronics work. If you’re smart enough to have a job that gets you the kind of money “spoiled” kids’ parents make, you are too smart to buy both an iPhone and an iPod.

2.) There is MORE TO THE INTERNET than Facebook & Twitter.

I know these people enjoy their skepticism, but social networking sites are not the only ones out there. Just because people HAVE profiles on Facebook or Twitter (or Myspace, which was much worse than either Facebook or Twitter as far as kids are concerned) does not mean that that’s all they spend their time using. Contrary to the technophobe’s popular belief, the Internet is a vast cesspool of information.
Now, I’m not trying to tell you that your 8 year old kids are geniuses and taking college classes, but just as an example to prove my point that the Internet has more to offer than social networking sites: Here are 500 free college courses available online with professors from such prestigious schools as Yale.

3.) NEITHER extreme is a good thing. 

It’s no better to deprive your children of all things technological (phone, television, computer, etc) than it is to be too dependent upon electronics. If your kids don’t know how to use Microsoft Word, for example, and try going to public school (although of course, most people who parent like this would never let their kids go to a public school — although the same thing still applies to colleges, if you want your kids to go get an actual education) they will be utterly fucked when they don’t know how to type up a paper. Especially in college – they’ll expect you to know how to use Excel and everything else.
Alternatively, if your kid is so dependent on electronic communication that they can’t function in daily life or communicate with real people … that’s obviously a problem. But I’d like to say that those cases are far rarer than those who are deprived or extremely limited of technological usage because of controlling parents.


Have a good night everybody!