So it’s August 2nd and I am terribly behind on my blogging, I know. I’d like to tell you I don’t know how it happened except I know exactly how it happened!

After school let out I spent a week with my dad and grandmother in Louisiana. I saw Bourbon Street among others and …well, Bourbon Street doesn’t have much for a teenager, I’ll tell you that much. I have some pictures but they were for this scrapbook I /intended/ to make … but I never got a camera when I got here and thus, no pictures have been taken. :/ When I get the photos developed I’ll probably get a CD version and double prints, for my folks in New Orleans. 

Since then, I’ve been in Raleigh. It’s terrific. I’ve visited both Atlantic Beach and the Asheville mountains. Have I ever mentioned that North Carolina is a gorgeous state? I wish I had pictures of all these things … and I do, a bit, on my phone – of the mountains, anyway. 

Regarding summer homework.. I had a terrific weekend a few weekends ago where I knocked out the majority of my psychology assignment. I finished In Cold Blood at my dad’s house, but I’m at a loss on the paper and emailed my teacher for some panicked advice. He responded wonderfully, although he was on vacation at the time and I’m awaiting response on Monday. 

Additionally I need to read a nonfiction book of my own interest and write a book report on it, which I might need to investigate soon as I’m already panicking on the analysis of In Cold Blood. So … we’ll see what goes on there. 

Between now and the time I leave for home I’m attending a wedding of a babysitter the Jones kids used to hire often and visiting my grandpa for a week while the Jones and their cousins the Weisses visit Atlantic Beach again … lucky. In addition to that? Who knows? It’s been a great summer for the majority and I’m happy about it. 

More to come, for sure. 

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