Reflecting on Sophomore Year

(Warning: I’m writing from my iPhone and it’s 11pm, so I apologize in advance for any spelling errors I miss! Thanks for your patience.)

Today was the last day of my sophomore year in high school.
I don’t really know how to react.

I’ve mentioned my Fantastic Grade Turnaround previously, but it really showed in this past week and on Friday, when final exams started. I had five finals: English, Geometry, Spanish, History and Biology. I got a perfect 100 on the Spanish final. A 98 on the Bio final. And exceptional grades all around except for History which capped off for the year as an 85 and an 81 on the final exam …. But I’m okay with that, because I was worried as hell about that one.

In any event, I feel like I’ve grown a lot this year, despite not really intending to feel more grown up. I feel this need to think about everything … This is only a brief summarization being written in part due to guilt of inactivity from the blog and in part because I am afraid of losing the thoughts if I don’t write them down somewhere!

In any event… I also started my summer homework for my AP English class today. We have to read In Cold Blood. It seems sad on premise but also interesting. Then we have to pick a nonfiction book of our own interest to read and review and I have noooo idea yet what to pick. Tomorrow I think I’ll do the AP Psychology summer homework, which is super simple – taking definitions straight from the book in provided graphic organizers. 😛

It’s 11:10 pm and I’m super sleepy – circadian rhythm still attuned to school. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get on my computer and fill in more details of the last two weeks or so. Have a good week every body – and a good summer!

P.S.: for anyone keeping track.. Is my blog a year old yet?!?