An update in the life.

Unfortunately, here I am – sick again. I’ll spare you half the details as they aren’t the freshest – and tell you only that I had very sharp and very terrible stomach pains earlier this morning. They have mostly subsided, but even with eating bread (intentionally very harmless food to avoid any more upset) there is still a dull pain.

I’ve slept a lot this morning in an attempt to sleep off whatever is ailing me but to little to no avail. But I was looking for things to write about and I started reading some of my older posts, primarily Volunteering!, which talked a lot about where I was in school and whatnot.

So.. News! It’s now May, and I have completed the 50 hours required to receive a half-credit. Additionally, since I don’t plan to just stop working until next year, I’m allowed to earn hours towards my junior year half-credit. Since I’m starting early, it’s 60 hours instead of 50 to keep it fair, but that’s fine by me. No reason not to kick ass. 🙂

With school, I’ve been kicking my grades up through the roof. I have all A’s except for History and English which are a high and low B respectively. I suspect, however, that my English grade is actually higher because the teacher has only entered three assignments’ worth of grades into our grade-checking program. Which is annoying, by the way – teachers are always encouraging you to check it for your grades and then some teachers hardly ever use it!

Sickness and distraction have clouded up my mind from writing very well but I have a couple of other posts that I’d like to revive just in case anyone is new to reading my blog and would like to check out some older posts on topics I’ve recently written about …

  • Regarding the recent anti-Amendment One post: Freedom
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  • Again, not something I’ve talked about, but this is a wonderful story of love and sex. Obviously.. Click at your own discretion: In Defense of Love. (Previously seen in this post.)
  • On being happy for what you have: Appreciation.

Have a good Wednesday, everybody, and a great week if I fail to post again.


Happy People Versus Unhappy People: How Do They Do It?

So while reading the Facebook feed I come across this story about happiness that shamefully links to itself at least fifteen different times if not more. Now, I clicked on it because it looked promising and interesting and if you guys haven’t noticed I’m on a progressive path of improvement lately and it sounded useful.

And indeed, a lot of these points were good … but a lot of them also sounded a little bit like crap to me. So now I’m here to bring you my own personal experience with happiness and unhappiness, optimism and pessimism, and how to see the glass a little bit fuller.

  • Set realistic goals. You aren’t going to be able to get a 4.0 GPA for the year if you have a 3.29 GPA in the third quarter of the school year. You’re not going to be able to reach the managerial position of the company that just hired you to be a part-time worker. You need to take baby steps to achieve the things you want. Not only is this an excellent mechanism for actually understanding and achieving the ultimate goal that you want, but it gives you extra opportunities to feel good about yourself. Each step that you make and surpass makes you happier.
  • Know how to cheer yourself up. Listen to your favorite (not sad) songs, watch your favorite movie. Maybe surf the Internet with StumbleUpon if it suits your fancy. When you know you need a pick-me-up, know what to do. Idle time could be time well spent if you make it.
  • Know when to work hard. Even if you don’t want to. You won’t be making the grade (or promotion) if you don’t put the time into the task. There are times for yourself and there are times for dedication to the goal at hand, and it’s vital that you understand the difference.
  • Manage your time. This is basically a predecessor to the previous two bullets, but again, it’s incredibly important in order to remain sane while changing your life for the better that you know when to relax and when to pull an all-nighter studying or learning something for your job.
  • Be patient and tolerant. It isn’t going to make your goal any easier to achieve by putting down others, or getting frustrated for things that aren’t worth the trouble. In fact, by trying to be more peaceful and patient, you may find your relationships with others become friendlier and this is often a useful thing if you need the assistance of others in your goal. For example, a student to study with or a teacher to devote extra time, or a boss to impress who would be promoting you.
  • Never underestimate the power of taking care of yourself. If you feel low, and you’ve been feeling low and none of your normal activities are working to get you feeling okay again … You should begin what I call Revitalization. Draw a nice long bath with bubbles. Maybe read a book or play some music, light  some candles, whatever floats your boat. Then dry your hair, brush your teeth, comb your hair, do all of the little things that you always do and all of the little things that you never quite have time to do. Clip your nails. Floss your teeth. Shave, if you are so inclined. At the end of the process look in the mirror at all of the differences. You smell good, look good, and hopefully … feel good.

Anyway, this is a list that I wanted to go a little differently and many things distracted me from the ultimate goal, which was supposed to be oriented in a way similar to the Purpose Fairy article … but! This is just fine too. I hope even one of these little things stood out to even one person and made your day/week/month a little more cheerful.

Amendment One – North Carolina

Despite the fact I no longer live in North Carolina and this blog is primarily about Texas and all of its wonders and flaws, tonight I am turning everyone’s attention to my last place  of residency: North Carolina.

They passed Amendment One today, which fucks everyone up. First off, gay marriage was already illegal in NC: with Amendment One, marriage is apparently specified to a man and a woman. Additionally, ALL other civil unions and domestic partnerships are banned.

Fuck you, North Carolina.

I could say the same thing about Texas, you know. Most of the politicians that come out of both of these two states are hateful, intolerant and conservative right-winging warmongers. But nobody I knew, in Texas or North Carolina, was like this. Amendment One has been trending on Facebook for a good week and a half or so, and nobody I knew was for it. All this time it’s been, “Please, tell everyone you know old enough to vote NOT to vote for Amendment One.” All week, it’s been everyone trying to clarify how awful this amendment really is.

It’s not even so much a religious thing, for some. Check out this message from Episcopalians in NC that have the right idea.

Episcopalian Clergy of NC AGAINST Amendment One.

I posted this on my Facebook profile on May 1st, the first day this Amendment One stuff started really circulating. It made my heart leap in actual faith that the Church was doing something positive, tolerant and ACCEPTING – just like religion really SHOULD be.

You know, I’m sixteen years old. It makes me fear for … everything, really: our country and all the others in the world, when THIS is how we handle things. I don’t know what it’ll take to make some fundamentalists understand that Jesus and God and everybody in their Holy Book preached LOVE, not hate.

I don’t know what it will take to make them understand that until they understand that people that have other spiritual beliefs have just as much right to exist as they do, or just as many rights to love and marry each other and visit each other in the hospital GOD (Yes, because GOD cares about these people too) forbid anything happen to these wonderful people.

But I hope to God, in my non-religious sentiment, that people start wising up. Because this is really, truly heartbreaking. As much as I dislike Connecticut, it is one of the few states in the United States of America where gay and lesbian individuals have the same rights as any other person.

Because this is how a child should grow up … learning of love and tolerance and NOT to discriminate and hate.