Independence and Dependence

It is a known fact that I am not a religious person. If you didn’t know before, well … now you do.

Today is Easter and as a non-religious person, there are only two things that I really truly think about on this Sunday. Celebration of life in general, and chocolate. ūüėÄ

No, but in all seriousness … a Facebook group I belong to today asked what we celebrated and thought about on this day and I posted honestly.

But seriously, in the past year or so I’ve become a much brighter and more optimistic person even¬†though I’ve ironically been in a much darker place than I have for much of my life. It is amazing the difference a little bit of thinking can do when you allow your mind to be open and hopeful rather than dwelling on your problems; despite how difficult it is to do. The payoff is worth it.

I was the first person to comment, and  two other people followed after me. Both they and the person who asked the question involved God in their statements.

Now, I know I’m biased for not being religious at all … but does it say nothing to anyone that my answer spoke of pride in myself for growing personally, and the others ¬†spoke of gratitude for their God for “things they couldn’t possess the strength to do themselves?”

It just makes me sad. I could rant a lot about religion, organized and otherwise, but really it feels like more of a tool of controlling people than the political messages people spam my Facebook feed with all day long, all week long, forever. I understand having your beliefs and faith and all that poppycock (in my opinion … it’s my blog, if THAT offends then you should leave before hate-commenting spam) but really,¬†human¬†beings¬†are so amazing. The mind, the emotions that entrance us to do all of the things we do … Why do so few people have confidence and pride in the things they have achieved? You should celebrate your personal accomplishments. I feel like it’s personal belittlement to thank a “higher power” for the things you have been able to pull through a tough situation and do for yourself.

But I guess therein lies the differences of the religious and the nonreligious.

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