I can’t contain my anger.

This from a grown man who goes by Tommy. He has two faux blogs that he’s written that will follow him all the way to my rant about him: Carolina Region @ Blogspot.com and the “new” website that he tried to create at simply Carolina Region. There is so much wrong with this man and this video that I just don’t know what to say or do or what. So here I am. I am so outraged.

Let’s start with the idiocy of shooting the laptop. According to him (and I’m not sure if I actually believe him on this) he works as an IT man and he claims he spent six hours and $130 on repairing and upgrading her laptop. But then he decided it’d be a dandy idea to put bullets in the computer! That he spent “about half a day, took up half of my day” upgrading and he has now not ONLY wasted money for the apparently expensive bullets he used, and the hours and upgrading software that he bought and placed in the computer, but ALSO the actual COST of buying the laptop. So this is a man saying he threw away already over a hundred bucks.

But really, what is upsetting about this guy is less the video and more of his blog, if you choose to go read it, but even moreso: the COMMENTS on the video. You can see the original posting here. There’s over 15,000 comments on the post already and that’s after I’ve been reading some of them, so..

But there are so many absolutely terrible things that people have said. The worst one I’ve seen so far is, “Since the government refuses to allow us to beat the shit out of our kids anymore …” Really? REALLY? And these fucking people are allowed to have children? That’s absolutely fucked in the head.

My favorite ones are the people who talk about how disrespectful she is and how “teenagers these days are brought up without respect, discipline, or work ethics.” Okay, hey genius, WHOSE kid id she? WHOSE responsibility is it to teach her respect? And furthermore, according to the video, she DID her chores. She simply complained about them.

Newsflash! Teenagers complain. Teenagers complain all of the time and they always have since the very first teenager that the world ever did see. Honestly, I think it’s stupid that she’s getting punished at all for the thing she wrote on Facebook. But if she’s going to get punished then it should be handled in a mature mannerism. Posting a video on YouTube and ‘getting back’ at her and showing all her friends what you’re doing is not the mature thing to do in this situation. You are being just as disrespectful and honestly STUPID as you think she was.

Let’s think of a few things worse than complaining on Facebook Hannah Jordan could be doing.

  1. Having unprotected sex
  2. Having unprotected sex with people far older than her, as she is a minor
  3. Smoking cigarettes
  4. Drinking alcohol
  5. Doing ILLEGAL drugs!
  6. Sneaking out at night
  7. Sneaking out at night to do any of the aforementioned activities
  8. Cutting class
  9. Lying to her parents about sex/drugs/et cetera

That took the entirety of 45 seconds to come up with a list of nine things far worse than complaining about your parents on Facebook. He should be grateful that she didn’t get in with the wrong crowd in her school and that she isn’t drinking or smoking or doing drugs. He should be grateful that she does her chores and brings him coffee all the damn time.

Which is another thing! A lot of her argument was actually pretty fucking valid from what I understand of the actual situation, which is only what he read that she posted on her Facebook prior to its deletion. It started with “I am not your slave,” with more profanity that I’m trying to limit myself on because I notice I’m using a lot of it. But it’s absolutely ridiculous. She has a point. If your parent is constantly, daily asking you to get their COFFEE.


How about the fact he keeps nagging her to get a job? She is fifteen years old. It is illegal to work in most places until a minimum age of sixteen. The places that don’t permit you to start working at sixteen have their minimums set at 18 or 21.

How about the fact that he finds it so ridiculous that she is asking for money for her chores? Has he honestly never heard of the word “allowance?” Has he really not understood that he is COMPLETELY FAILING as a parent to teach her the value of a dollar (as he claims he wants to do on his Facebook page) because the things that she wants are bought for her or gifted? If she GOT an allowance for the chores that she did, maybe she would not have to ask you for a laptop battery or charger or a new camera because SHE WOULD HAVE HER OWN MONEY!

There are more insanely incriminating terrible things that this man says that I have no patience to read his blog – I think I might beat my head in before I could read an entire blog by this bozo – but feel free to do so. The one he wrote on more often was the Blogspot hosted one. My mother had a bit of fun reading up on him. He’s a Christian, all right, but if you can’t speak English then according to him you need to get out of this country on whatever you came on. HIS WORDS! HIS BLOG!

I am absolutely horrified with this video and this man and I hope to God (which I, as a rule, do not do) that she does not end up screwed up in the end because of this. The only source of course to find anything out is her father who would never post that she’s pissed off about what he’s done. Never post anything that would make him look like even more of an asshole than he already does. No sir, we’re to believe that the little girl that HE thought was so bad, is completely okay with this after the initial being miffed at the laptop being gone.

There are so many things wrong with this. I no longer have the patience or attention span to write about it here. But it’s wrong. He is not a good parent and she will not ‘appreciate this later in life.’ There is a difference between tough love and being a bad parent.

Let me just add one final note here. If you’ve spent any time on this blog then you will know that I am big about respect. It is the highest and most polite thing you can do. That said, there is an art to being a parent and this man does not posses it. If he thinks this is in any way helpful or that this will help her in the future, he is sorely mistaken.

3 thoughts on “I can’t contain my anger.

  1. What happened is that Mr. Jordan outlined some rules based on his daughter’s past behavior. His daughter wrote a message on Facebook that was full of vitriol and hate towards her parents, complaining about things that weren’t bad or even difficult, and cursing her parents. However, her father works in Information Technology, so he was able to read her Facebook while he was repairing and upgrading her laptop – a laptop he had bought himself, upgraded himself, and paid for the upgrade himself. So he recorded a video response, posted it to YouTube and linked it to her Facebook page. In the video, he chastised her, read her letter, explained the situation and the punishment, and then put her laptop down and shot it with a pistol, 7 times plus one more time for his wife/the girl’s mother, on the mother’s request.

    I think what he did was justified, but I do think that it was a little too much with him obviously invading her privacy (if she had the post set to only a few friends could see it, he breached her privacy). That was quite the rant you went on, but I saw a lot of stones being thrown from the glass house on the high perch. Being on the outside looking in, judging the man from a YouTube video and a couple of blog posts, deducting from that minuscule sample that he’s a lousy person and a terrible parent? I’m not even sure the video was supposed to be public. Allegedly he intended to only post the video to her Facebook page, and it eventually spread to YouTube (who knows?), became viral, and thus you have ambivalence brewing. Divided people, some agreeing with his actions and others disagreeing. I get the disagreeing, but the incandescent rage and quick judging, I don’t.

    • I’m aware of what happened. That’s why I am posting about it. …. I posted the video in this post.
      Anyway, he did breach her privacy: She wrote this note so that her parents could not see it. If you write a note to your friend in class are you going to read it out loud so everyone can see it or are you only going to pass it to your friend?
      Teenagers complain. Personally, I really don’t think this deserves punishment period. But I REALLY don’t think that he’s a good parent based on publicizing this punishment and shooting her computer which he – supposedly, I still can’t believe this truly – spent $130 on upgrading. That is stupid. I don’t really NEED to know any more than what is in that video to think that that’s a stupid idea and a waste of money.
      But he’s not teaching her any valid lesson. It’s up to the parent to teach their kids morals and values and by reacting in this way to a simple, profane post on Facebook … What does that say about behavior? :/

  2. I WILL say this, though.
    This blog post was made after I was insanely pissed off.
    And through time and research of the issue I will repeat.. It is less the video and Mr. Jordan himself that angers me but the commentators that agreed with his actions. I think it is a sad day to see parents that miss the “good ol’ days where beating their kids was allowed.” That’s just sick. People are calling Mr. Jordan the parent of the year for this. I just can’t understand that.

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