You know what?

I hate political arguments on Facebook because I seem to be the only one who ever backs up my own opinions. That sounds like it’s obvious, but what I mean is that everyone that participates teams up against me. It’s hella obnoxious.

But I’m very against drugs as you may have picked up once or twice. Someone on Facebook just compared the war on drugs to prohibition and said that he hopes it ends in the exact same way. And I said I hope that never happens.

If you’ve read this blog before or plan on doing so now you will or have discovered that I am not only anti-drugs but anti-alcohol as well. A common argument against the war on drugs is that tobacco and alcohol are much more harmful than marijuana and theretofore, marijuana should be legal. But honestly…

I don’t think that any of them should be excluded. They should all be illegal and the country should put more money forward on EDUCATING people about what’s so wrong with them. People are clearly not getting the picture.

And if people are mad about the war on drugs because the country is profiting from illegal drugs? That’s. Wrong. Too.

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