Midterms, Courses, WordPress and More

Last time I posted was only on the 27th, a few days ago. What is this new WordPress?!?
I’ll reestablish my opinion – good or bad – of this interesting new design, not sure yet if I like it or not.

Today’s a Wednesday. About a week and a half ago I tried to contact my guidance counselor to set up an appointment so that we could discuss courses for the second semester as well as for junior year. I plan to take Algebra II at a community college nearby during the summer so that I can take AP Statistics my junior year and be done with mathematics for high school. I need to arrange that rather quickly because we’re selecting our courses for junior year next week on February ninth and tenth.

Furthermore, I need to identify and organize all of the elective classes I want to take. I will not be taking Concert Choir junior year because it’s become a hassle and has made me dread every day that I have it. That year-long slot will be replaced with AP Psychology for junior year so it’s not like I have that many more slots of time. I’ll also be taking Spanish 3, which is another year long elective. As of right now it appears that one of my spaces that I believed was going to be filled with Creative Writing is a study hall – something that probably would not have happened if I had been able to meet with my guidance counselor a week and a half ago as I had originally intended. 

It is frustrating when you are determined to do well and it seems that the world is fighting against you, making improvement so difficult. Lately, since this is the week of midterm exams, I have been trying very hard to be sticking to my work and getting things done and studying. Studying, however, is not one of my strong points. Not my forte at all. I mostly get through the drudgery by conversing about the material I have to work on with my boyfriend. He’s incredibly helpful and I appreciate him a lot. 

On a more interesting and conversational note, it’s one of the last days of Psychology today and we have been talking a lot about achievement, motivation and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
I can’t find a picture that describes the pyramid or hierarchy in the way that we did discuss it. However, ‘self-actualization’ was largely controversial. Some people didn’t believe that it was possible to achieve. My teacher believed very few people; for example, Ghandi and Jesus (who, whether you’re a Christian or Catholic or whatever; it has been proved that Jesus was a real person!).
But then it was also asked if people with evil intentions could be considered self-actualized. And we had a lot of controversy on that topic. I kept quiet because I often do. But Teacher was like, “What about Hitler? He focused on his goals, without regard for how anyone saw him..” And I honestly believe he’s got a point. Now, that isn’t to say that Hitler was a good person, because very clearly he was not.
Then we talked about, well, does everyone strive for self-actualization?
My belief is yes. It may not be intentional and I don’t believe that everyone is on the correct path. Still, you set out to be as maximally happy as you can muster. You may not be thinking that you want to reach the top of your potential so that you may become self-actualized, no. But I believe that that is the humble and insignificant goal of every human being’s life.  

My Psych teacher argued that he didn’t believe he strives for self-actualization. I didn’t say this in front of the entire class but I’m glad I’m writing today so I can express this now … He tells us often stories of his personal life because that’s a lot of what psychology entails: personal experiences and how they and we all relate to each other. He is a simple man who is happy with a simple life, nothing extravagant but fairly well off. He likes his job and he just got married a bit ago and seems very happy in his marriage. He’s one of the primary coaches for football and he’s wrapped up in what he does. He seems very happy with his life and he said that he was not striving for self-actualization. In my opinion, it seems like he’s already there or near it. 

I think the reason he disagrees is because he holds his examples so elite and high-up that I don’t think he thinks about it in terms of selves. In terms of everybody. But that’s just my pair of pennies.  

3 thoughts on “Midterms, Courses, WordPress and More

  1. And exactly what do know about being a parent? I want to see you try to have a child like Hannah and see how you deal with it, I’m pretty sure parents havent failed in nagging/teaching you kids to be respectful and be decent human beings and what do you do? You tell them to fuck off because apparently you kids are model citizens already. you.commenting about his parenting is completely absurd, you should probably tell him how to,raise his jerk child since you know so much, and allowance is for lunch not for wants, if you want something you have to work for it just like everybody else. Age of working consent is 14-15 in most states. Its a damn shame you kids think you deserve everything without doing anything to justify it.

    • Did you even read my post? Probably not, considering you’re commenting on the wrong post.
      Children are not model citizens. It’s the job of the parents to raise kids. So whose fault is it that she is, as he claims, so disrespectful?

      Allowance is not for lunch… Lunch money is for lunch. If he wants to teach his kid the value of a dollar then she should have allowance so she can buy the things she wants. It doesn’t have to be a LOT, but that’s how you teach kids about having their own money. I want proof for 14-15, because everywhere I have ever lived the minimal age is 16 for any LEGAL job.

      You are the one without any justified arguments, sir.

    • I believe a good parent would not demonstrate wasting extra money just to prove a lesson to their kids. Kids have to be taught what they can and can’t do. The daughter believes that is her laptop, whether or not it is HER laptop, she still believes that. Internally, she was just taught that when she doesn’t get her way she is allowed to desecrate other people’s property because that is exactly what her father just did.
      Is that a GOOD lesson…?

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