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How people my age can be so different from me?



Valentine’s Day: A Friendly Reminder of Reflection

Today was Valentine’s Day. My graduating class sold flowers for the past two weeks in the cafeteria to be delivered anonymously or not throughout the day. Additionally, several girls in my classes had gotten candy or flowers or cards for their friends. All of that was added activity to the extra doses of making out in the hallways and boyfriend-and-girlfriend exchanges that were present all day, all throughout the halls.

My boyfriend, as previous readers will know, lives far away. Approximately five hundred plus miles separate us from annoying our fellow classmates in the halls and at lunch and all day long. Consequently, it was easy for me to feel very lonely during the day; being surrounded by all this love and affection of people fortunate enough to be close to each other.

On the flip side, however, people who despised the holiday were nearly as abundant as the people who adored it. Many of the complaints are about the fact you should appreciate your loved one regardless of the day, that Valentine’s Day should be no more special than any other day of the year. A few complaints were from those single beings that feel the entire purpose of Valentine’s Day is “Single Awareness Day,” or the feeling of isolation for being single.

I do not adore or dislike Valentine’s Day. My personal feelings are that I am reminiscent of elementary days when everyone got crummy, silly themed valentines and everyone in the class got one. I like that ideal because no one’s left out.

All of this being said, the debating continued on Facebook after school and homework. My grandmother is slightly (read: incredibly) cynical regarding men and posted a Valentine’s status relating as such. Thus inspired the rant that had been building up inside of me all day long: Valentine’s Day should be taken as a day of reflection of love, romantic and non-romantic.

A small black and white striped kitten is snuggling the large, floppy ear of a light brown dog.

Don't forget to include your furry friends in your Happy Valentine's wishes!

Thanksgiving is a holiday we celebrate in the United States to reflect all of the things we are thankful for. We usually say things like our family, friends, health and home, et cetera. Should not Valentine’s Day be treated as a day to reflect on those who we love? Our family and friends and the people in our lives that have changed us for the better are just as important as everything else. As for all of the naysayers who reason that Valentine’s Day should be no more important than any other day … Should you be any less thankful for the things in your life every other day of the year besides that fourth Thursday in November? Of course not! But it’s incredibly likely that all of you are neglectful to think of those things every day and no one speaks less of Thanksgiving for that purpose.

So take a moment now, if you would, to reflect on the love in your life. Think of your parents and siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins, grandparents … friends, teachers who have had an impact on you perhaps. Think of all of the various people that have made positive impacts in your life. Appreciate them and whatever effort they put in to you specifically.

That’s my take on Valentine’s Day. Love is not limited to your significant other or lack thereof, so why should this heavily debated holiday?


Today, I did 185 minutes of volunteer time in the library at my school. I now have a total of 4.25 hours already logged in a total of two volunteering days! The work should be tedious, but really I enjoy it. It’s all about ordering things – by number, by author, by date for the newspapers. It’s all about being detail-oriented and it honestly makes the time go by pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, most of this time was during my two study halls I’ve got on B days since I dropped Concert Choir. The decision was only a tad bit difficult. The student managers were becoming unbearable and the teacher was beginning to get frustrated with all the misbehaving children and in response, made a seating chart. This seating chart placed me near a bunch of misbehaving children. Additionally, I’ve been having really awful chronic headaches lately that have been plaguing me. They seem to only bother me when I’m home and after homework is done; when my mind is finally free to relax and focus on things that aren’t necessary.

I joined the school newspaper last Thursday. They meet every Thursday and their issue will come out this week. The teacher who runs it is a very sweet lady. Her name is Mrs. P because her real name is too difficult for me to spell. Last week, we all edited the stories. It was actually pretty fun. Mrs. P has a SmartBoard in her room which is kind of like a large touch-screen projector except even cooler. So some of the other people sat at the computer alternately and we all sat in various chairs and peer edited it!

To be honest, there’s more to talk about, but I don’t think I’ll be awake for long enough to continue writing. I’m so tired! I stayed after school today because the library is open late on Mondays (and Thursdays, but I can’t stay then because of the Rampage) and I wanted to rack up my hours. So I was there until three and then was doing homework from the time I got home until around six or seven at night. It was absolutely awful. Finishing a geometry review, then finishing history work that I was behind on, and then taking some notes on a historical figure that compared to Lord of the Flies. That’s a particularly drab assignment, especially because that book was rather … disturbing.

Anyway, I am going to bed now with a hint of my upcoming writing project. I’m taking creative writing next year, and my lovely Boyfriend told me about these cool six word stories. I recommend checking them out!

I can’t contain my anger.

This from a grown man who goes by Tommy. He has two faux blogs that he’s written that will follow him all the way to my rant about him: Carolina Region @ and the “new” website that he tried to create at simply Carolina Region. There is so much wrong with this man and this video that I just don’t know what to say or do or what. So here I am. I am so outraged.

Let’s start with the idiocy of shooting the laptop. According to him (and I’m not sure if I actually believe him on this) he works as an IT man and he claims he spent six hours and $130 on repairing and upgrading her laptop. But then he decided it’d be a dandy idea to put bullets in the computer! That he spent “about half a day, took up half of my day” upgrading and he has now not ONLY wasted money for the apparently expensive bullets he used, and the hours and upgrading software that he bought and placed in the computer, but ALSO the actual COST of buying the laptop. So this is a man saying he threw away already over a hundred bucks.

But really, what is upsetting about this guy is less the video and more of his blog, if you choose to go read it, but even moreso: the COMMENTS on the video. You can see the original posting here. There’s over 15,000 comments on the post already and that’s after I’ve been reading some of them, so..

But there are so many absolutely terrible things that people have said. The worst one I’ve seen so far is, “Since the government refuses to allow us to beat the shit out of our kids anymore …” Really? REALLY? And these fucking people are allowed to have children? That’s absolutely fucked in the head.

My favorite ones are the people who talk about how disrespectful she is and how “teenagers these days are brought up without respect, discipline, or work ethics.” Okay, hey genius, WHOSE kid id she? WHOSE responsibility is it to teach her respect? And furthermore, according to the video, she DID her chores. She simply complained about them.

Newsflash! Teenagers complain. Teenagers complain all of the time and they always have since the very first teenager that the world ever did see. Honestly, I think it’s stupid that she’s getting punished at all for the thing she wrote on Facebook. But if she’s going to get punished then it should be handled in a mature mannerism. Posting a video on YouTube and ‘getting back’ at her and showing all her friends what you’re doing is not the mature thing to do in this situation. You are being just as disrespectful and honestly STUPID as you think she was.

Let’s think of a few things worse than complaining on Facebook Hannah Jordan could be doing.

  1. Having unprotected sex
  2. Having unprotected sex with people far older than her, as she is a minor
  3. Smoking cigarettes
  4. Drinking alcohol
  5. Doing ILLEGAL drugs!
  6. Sneaking out at night
  7. Sneaking out at night to do any of the aforementioned activities
  8. Cutting class
  9. Lying to her parents about sex/drugs/et cetera

That took the entirety of 45 seconds to come up with a list of nine things far worse than complaining about your parents on Facebook. He should be grateful that she didn’t get in with the wrong crowd in her school and that she isn’t drinking or smoking or doing drugs. He should be grateful that she does her chores and brings him coffee all the damn time.

Which is another thing! A lot of her argument was actually pretty fucking valid from what I understand of the actual situation, which is only what he read that she posted on her Facebook prior to its deletion. It started with “I am not your slave,” with more profanity that I’m trying to limit myself on because I notice I’m using a lot of it. But it’s absolutely ridiculous. She has a point. If your parent is constantly, daily asking you to get their COFFEE.


How about the fact he keeps nagging her to get a job? She is fifteen years old. It is illegal to work in most places until a minimum age of sixteen. The places that don’t permit you to start working at sixteen have their minimums set at 18 or 21.

How about the fact that he finds it so ridiculous that she is asking for money for her chores? Has he honestly never heard of the word “allowance?” Has he really not understood that he is COMPLETELY FAILING as a parent to teach her the value of a dollar (as he claims he wants to do on his Facebook page) because the things that she wants are bought for her or gifted? If she GOT an allowance for the chores that she did, maybe she would not have to ask you for a laptop battery or charger or a new camera because SHE WOULD HAVE HER OWN MONEY!

There are more insanely incriminating terrible things that this man says that I have no patience to read his blog – I think I might beat my head in before I could read an entire blog by this bozo – but feel free to do so. The one he wrote on more often was the Blogspot hosted one. My mother had a bit of fun reading up on him. He’s a Christian, all right, but if you can’t speak English then according to him you need to get out of this country on whatever you came on. HIS WORDS! HIS BLOG!

I am absolutely horrified with this video and this man and I hope to God (which I, as a rule, do not do) that she does not end up screwed up in the end because of this. The only source of course to find anything out is her father who would never post that she’s pissed off about what he’s done. Never post anything that would make him look like even more of an asshole than he already does. No sir, we’re to believe that the little girl that HE thought was so bad, is completely okay with this after the initial being miffed at the laptop being gone.

There are so many things wrong with this. I no longer have the patience or attention span to write about it here. But it’s wrong. He is not a good parent and she will not ‘appreciate this later in life.’ There is a difference between tough love and being a bad parent.

Let me just add one final note here. If you’ve spent any time on this blog then you will know that I am big about respect. It is the highest and most polite thing you can do. That said, there is an art to being a parent and this man does not posses it. If he thinks this is in any way helpful or that this will help her in the future, he is sorely mistaken.

You know what?

I hate political arguments on Facebook because I seem to be the only one who ever backs up my own opinions. That sounds like it’s obvious, but what I mean is that everyone that participates teams up against me. It’s hella obnoxious.

But I’m very against drugs as you may have picked up once or twice. Someone on Facebook just compared the war on drugs to prohibition and said that he hopes it ends in the exact same way. And I said I hope that never happens.

If you’ve read this blog before or plan on doing so now you will or have discovered that I am not only anti-drugs but anti-alcohol as well. A common argument against the war on drugs is that tobacco and alcohol are much more harmful than marijuana and theretofore, marijuana should be legal. But honestly…

I don’t think that any of them should be excluded. They should all be illegal and the country should put more money forward on EDUCATING people about what’s so wrong with them. People are clearly not getting the picture.

And if people are mad about the war on drugs because the country is profiting from illegal drugs? That’s. Wrong. Too.


Freedom is a funny concept. The book Animal Farm is supposed to be a mockery of communism, although from what I’ve heard of it: “Some animals are more free than others.” Is that not how we are living now? 

This post is to antagonize those who disagree with me. I know they’ll be there because I’m going to tag it to have the hateful flocking to the post. To my blog! It will be wonderful to see the traffic I’ll get just by hatred. We shall see. 

It’s nearly 10 p.m. so I won’t (unfortunately) be able to make this a very long rant, but the two issues I am going to briefly speak of to enrage some fellow bloggers involve supposed freedom that we in this country ought to have. I am going to outrage so many people, and it will be funny, because they won’t read this part where I anticipate their rage and flaming. They’ll say nothing of it in the comments. No, sir. 

My two topics of the night are abortions and marriage. 

I am pro-choice, and I think this applies to more than just abortion. In this country, in this beloved United States where we cherish the freedom to speak as we please, voice our opinions and do within reason all of the things that we’d like to – we have choices. We have a myriad of choices every day – whether to wake up or stay in bed, what to wear for the day, to go to work or school or to stay at home and take a sick day … Choices and choices. There are thousands more in a single day. 

One thing we as respectful American citizens have no control and no choice of is the actions of others. So, say, if someone is taken advantage of by a trusted neighbor or well-known adult, whomever it may be… And raped. The person raped has no choice, that person cannot control the situation. If she gets pregnant by this sexual encounter, who believes that she should have to go through nine months of pregnancy and then deliver a child that is not hers by right? Bible thumpers say that it is wrong to take a life. Do you consider the feelings of the woman raped after such a terrible event? Do you consider it familial and logically right to force a young teenage female to carry out a pregnancy that she may not be able to live through? Or if she is, is it okay to make her go through the emotional attachment of pregnancy after the emotional DISTRESS of RAPE? 

I think a lot of devout religious folks that still disagree with abortion in such situations – which, no, it’s not something that’s easily proved but BELIEVE IT OR NOT, abortion is not something that people do just because they feel like it. But anyone who still disagrees with it is either not taking into account anything that I’ve actually said, any of the real arguments for pro-choice, or they are honestly that ignorant. 

My other topic of the night is the legality of homosexual marriages. Another issue heavily combated by the religious folks of my ever-so-free country. 

My first question about it is just why not? Just why not? If you aren’t gay, don’t get married to someone of your sex. It should honestly be that simple

In the past few days I’ve debated this as it is one of my few strong political opinions I hold near and dear to me and my ever-so-active political friend said that it should not be a question of whether same-sex marriages are legal or not, but why is marriage governed by government. 

I don’t believe that this friend of mine has understood the difficulties that a gay male couple that has spent their life together … Say they’re in their sixties or seventies. And one of them is in the hospital. He can’t see his partner because they are not legally permitted to be married. 

Whether you are religious or not, if you don’t see something wrong with that, you are a heartless bastard and I can’t believe you’re allowed on the Internet. Really. If you’re married, imagine if you were in that situation, with you in the hospital and being unable to legally see your partner. Or imagine you wouldn’t be allowed to see your partner in the hospital.

Imagine the amount of stress you might maybe feel under such a situation. It’s impossible for you to understand that kind of pain until you’ve had the miserable misfortune of experiencing it and even if you are a cruel sick person who believes in such illegality then I still do not wish it upon you, because it is too close to wishing death upon a person and that is something I would never do. 

The point of this blog is – yes, to entertain the rage readers – but also just to open some eyes. I wish people cared. I wish people were empathetic.

If you are religious, fine. Be religious. Worship your God and Christ and the Trinity and do whatever you’re going to do.Worship Allah or Vishnu or whomever, be as you will, do whatever you like that makes you happy spiritually.

But when you stop the freedoms and the happiness of others because of YOUR personal beliefs… that’s when it stops being okay. In the United States, every citizen has the freedom of religion. We have no official religion in this country. You are free to do what you like. We as citizens have many other freedoms, none of which should be stunted by your personal beliefs and opinions on what is morally right and wrong. 

Be open-minded. Be compassionate. Care about other people, as Jesus would have done. I guarantee you that Jesus would not be all right with you all today if He saw all the terrible, hateful things that so many fundamentalists do. He would not be down with bombing Planned Parenthood buildings or murdering doctors who perform abortions or carrying signs that say “God Hates Fags.” I am not a religious person myself but I do believe that Jesus loved and loves ALL people. He would be disappointed in your disregard for the human race that He murdered His son to make up for sins. All of you that continue to fill this world with hate are more of sinners than any homosexual man or woman who has consensual sex with their same-sex partners.  

Idealism and Politics

First things first. I despise politics.
I do not identify myself with a political label because I think they are meaningless tools of judgment that fail to have any correlation with a person’s actual opinions and beliefs as far as what is politically correct.

I do not believe in being judgmental of a politician based on his (or her) political party alignment. That’s stupid and it makes you look like an ignorant fool when you call someone out with an insult based on their party and when you’re asked why, you say, “Well, s/he must be stupid because s/he is a Democrat/Republican/Liberal…” It’s pointless, and you’re a terrible person to even vouch for your own political opinion because you’re probably not educated in your OWN preferable candidate, much less in anyone else’s.

On Facebook, I’ve been seeing lots of things lately that I like and sharing them. Sharing is something that until about a week or two ago, I never did. Not sure if there’s any particular reason or if there is, what that reason is, but I just didn’t do it much. One of these things was a quote by a very famous celebrity, one you just may have heard of: George Clooney. And I’m not going to copy the entire thing but it basically said that he is “disillusioned by people that are disillusioned by Obama.” The people that are disillusioned by Obama are judgmental Republicans who just can’t WAIT to get him out of office and replace him with Mitt Romney or Ron Paul or whomever steps up to the plate. And Clooney goes on to say that you know, if you guys were more tolerant as Americans that may have previously voted FOR Obama as opposed to McCain, then you’d be focusing – or at least, you know, ACKNOWLEDGING the good things that Obama has done thus far.

And I shared this because I agree. I don’t like politics. I think the majority of people that enter presidency are stupid and unable to determine the difference between a secular government and a government where their personal faith determines how they govern. In my personal opinion, Obama seems like an intelligent man with promising ideals but who hasn’t (and again this is MY OPINION!) done much for the few strong passions I have as far as politics go.

So, this posting of one measly quote developed into a conversation between my grandmother and a more recent friend I’ve made and they apparently are Republicans. That which I detest. That which, because I like to avoid conflict, I cannot comment on or express my opinion freely because I’d rather the conversation cease than get in fights with friends or family.

Here is the place where I can post my free ideas and opinions and the few things I care about. So here we go. In a perfect world:

1.) Marriage is legal, be it gay, straight or lesbian.
There is no reason why gay men or lesbian women cannot be together other than the idea that the Bible says it’s wrong. Therefore, the fact that same sex marriages have been outlawed implies that this is something that religion has impacted. Therefore: not secular. More importantly, if the sanctity of marriage is so valued and important, then why can you get married in Las Vegas for cash when it’s obvious that you’re not in any kind of a meaningful relationship? Why is it that people who hate each other can be married for economic or social benefits they both profit from but two men who love each other and who have been together for years not see each other in the hospital?

2.) Drugs need to stay illegal; become better handled.
Most people that have problems with the ‘war on drugs’ have problems with it because they either are drug heads or are angry about the U.S. profiting on drugs that remain illegal.
Well, I’ve dealt first-hand with many, many people that do and have done drugs. And I’m sick of them.
Drugs doesn’t only apply to marijuana or the common drugs. No. Alcohol needs to be better handled, too. Why? Because they are destructive. They hurt your body, they hurt your mind, they hurt people around you, you put others at risk because of your stupidity. Cigarettes. Secondhand smoke can hurt peers. Alcohol. Car wrecks, increasingly abusive behaviors… It’s not right. It isn’t ethical that these things are legal when so often people who are sworn off these things can get hurt by people who are reckless with their lives. I shouldn’t die of lung cancer because you don’t care about yourself or others. I shouldn’t die in a car accident because you were drinking and didn’t think that you shouldn’t be driving. I should not have to pay for your stupidity.

3.) Schools need to do a better job of motivating children.
I don’t think anything – politics, drug addicts, intolerance – anything pisses me off more than kids that don’t give a rat’s ass about anything. They don’t want to do anything in school. They don’t care what they do when they get out of high school – supposing that they even do enough to ever graduate, but most of them will probably drop out. These kids are the ones who never bother looking at their homework. These kids are the ones who skip almost every class, that show up maybe once or twice or – if you’re lucky – three times a month. These are the kids that are constantly shouting, fighting in the halls – or are utterly promiscuous within petty high school relationships, walking around the halls holding hands with everyone – or post perverse and shameless pictures of themselves on Facebook. That pisses me off so much because so many people just throw their lives away. These are the people that grow up to be drug and alcohol addicts that have no real job, no real education, nothing.
I honestly don’t even understand how people get that way. I for one can vouch as someone who didn’t have the best childhood or the best role models for parents as far as that kind of a thing but never, ever would I do that kind of a thing. Don’t fucking give up on yourself. :\

 And the last thing I want to stress is nothing that can be controlled by the government but it’s a rant about people. People, shut the fuck up about how negative all of your situation is. GET OVER IT. Be proactive. Be optimistic. Get your shit out of the way and stop complaining about it. Nothing’s going to be done by staring at your problems and moping and ignoring them. Nothing’s going to be done by bitching about your problems to someone else and snapping on them regardless of everything they tell you. No, it isn’t something that’s easily done: getting things done. But you damn well can do it and you damn well know when you could be getting something you NEED to do done and you’re not doing it. So much distress comes from such simple problems. I understand the need for support, the need to vent, but when you continuously only complain about your problems and your life, you’re making it worse for yourself and those that care about you and are listening to you. Do something for yourself. Care about yourself. Care about your problems and tackle them. Take out all of your pent up anger on your problems and just fucking let loose. Be the change you want to see – in the world, in yourself, what you want to see. Just do it.