Sincere Apologies of Absolute Abandonment

I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo.

Congratulations, however, to everyone who did successfully finish. I am envious and determined to complete NaNo next year as well as both Camp NaNos this summer. I’ve already got ideas for writing and am quite proud of what I’ve already gathered.

However, I really have completely abandoned this lovely blog of mine and didn’t write once during the month of November and I think that might be a large part of the reason why I failed. It turns out that November decided to be a very unlucky month of trouble, trauma and drama and I was very stressed in the second week.

We’re talking about Christmas now and everyone’s shopping or shopped or has ideas or doesn’t … it’s a hustle bustle time of year. But the holiday season is actually my favorite. The holiday season of winter has the best food of the whole year. It also has some of the best, most familiar music everywhere.

I’m writing at half past noon because I’m sick today. I tried to brave school but it just didn’t work out and I came home after Spanish. Psychology was nice although it offered no aid to my growing headache. B days give me huge headaches. In psychology, we’re in psycho-physiology which essentially has to do with consciousness, sleeping, and dreams and what they mean, if they mean anything and how much importance we should hold in them.

I’d love to go into more detail but I’m fairly exhausted because I haven’t had enough sleep lately as well as the fact that I’m not feeling very well. I really, quite seriously apologize to my few and far between loyal readers. Now that November is over I promise to resume updating! I just can’t promise the frequency.

Have a wonderful holiday season, everybody. 🙂


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