Singing, Baking, Procrastinating, Respect and Moderation If I Get There

The Daily Meme has depressed me every single Monday of each and every week and for some reason I keep on going back and looking every single Monday. Because no one likes Mondays and for some reason it seems that motivation is hardest to achieve on Mondays.

Today is Monday! … Right, we’ve already established that. Anyway, on Wednesday there is my first choral concert of the year. The first concert (titled, always, ‘Opening Gala’) is accompanied (by the rest of the title ‘..& Dessert Night’) … well I guess I spoiled it. So tomorrow night I may be making cupcakes or cookies or something. Mother is going to be ridiculous and refuse to take any of my recipes despite the fact they came from CraftGawker. My mom has this weird belief that if it didn’t come from her cookbooks then it must be poison. I know … very strange. And unfortunate. If only she would leave and I could make things for her so she could see that my recipes are good! Which means we probably won’t be making cupcakes because I trust my cupcakes and not hers and I’m agitated about her unwillingness to trust my cupcakes. But whatever. I digress.

Wednesday night we’ll be singing the Star Spangled Banner, as a rule. Additionally, we’ll be singing “I’ll Be Your Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “Ave Verum Corpus,” two songs that couldn’t be more different in my honest opinion. The only thing they’ve got in common is high-strung vocals that are impressive as hell. The first is a nice song whose title pretty much speaks for itself as far as topics go. Lots of pretty solos here that only seniors are singing, but that’s all right, Tori and I will take some next year or even next concert perhaps. The second is a depressing as hell religious song of sorts that is in Latin and about flesh and blood and some other stuff. I don’t know, I tune most of that out seeing as I (a) don’t believe in it and (b) don’t understand why the explanations are necessary as every time he explains he follows the explanation with “it’s not about if you believe, it’s about delivering a piece of music” and so forth and so on.

Anyway, the next topic on the list is procrastination. Guess what I should be doing right now!

  • Studying Ch. 27 American Pageant for test
  • Reviewing script for English presentation
  • Completing geometry from-the-book homework questions

Guess what I AM doing right now!

  • Blogging
  • Planning for Nano, halfheartedly
  • Thinking
  • Texting
  • Anything but what I should be doing.

Remember all that stuff I said yesterday about an absolute inability to do homework? I really wasn’t kidding. That geometry was due last week but we had a substitute. And I still have yet to do it. I have been occupying myself with Nanowrimo, with writing, with anything that can have me doing something that ISN’T THAT! I’m also forcing myself to continue things that at least pertain to Nano so that I won’t guilt myself later like I would if I were playing Pokemon or World of Warcraft right now.

Yeah, so, I was going somewhere else with that and have completely and absolutely and TOTALLY lost the train of thought. Damned distractions.  

Right, so getting on with Respect and then closing off because for the life of me I am procrastinating beyond belief and cannot even hold many thoughts at one time. Disappointing, I know. Really it is.


Every teacher at the beginning of each year hands out a syllabus and one of the rules that’s always listed is to respect your teacher, peers, and usually yourself. Almost every single class has this as a rule but very few students ever seem to follow it and it’s honestly incredibly upsetting to me … not because it’s ever me that’s disrespected or even the teacher sometimes, but the fact that the kids I meet seem to have little to no capacity for understanding respect whatsoever. Like they literally cannot comprehend the concept of respect.

I understand being mad at your mom or dad because you got punished for something. But at the same time, you usually always know that what you’re getting punished for deserves a punishment. So there’s no reason to build up an actual hatred for your parents because really, they’re only trying to teach you right from wrong. This is something that young people should actually appreciate and yet never seem to.

You live in your parent’s house, you are wearing clothes they paid for, eating food they pay for, take showers and/or baths with water they pay for… Et cetera. They are only raising you to be the best they can make you and you have the nerve to go around talking shit about them all the time?

Let’s not even get started on these kids that post pictures of themselves drinking VODKA or illegal energy drinks that had alcohol in them (FourLokos, to be precise.) I see it often. And I drop friends when these things happen. Because it’s appalling, honestly. How about when I’m walking home from school and I see bunches of high school kids smoking cigarettes. Before they are even off of school property! I’m tempted to write a letter to our principal telling him that people are smoking just to get them to stop. It’s a nasty habit, it’s bad for you and me, and it smells disgusting. Stop. It. And at LEAST wait to do it until you’re far enough away from me that I don’t have to deal with YOUR bad choices!

Anyway, yeah. So… I’m just going to close up for tonight. I apologize. I had more to go with but I just can’t focus tonight, it’s been one hell of a long day. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Psychology today and the topic of tomorrow and possibly today from our friends at Daily Post. Enjoy your Monday nights everybody.

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