World of Warcraft and Today’s Education, Which Totally Mix

Today is October 2nd. In the past two days I have heard so many nicknames for October that it is ridiculous. Cartoon Network has Monstober, which plays into Halloween but not really into October. Subway has Anytober, which is the biggest fail but it apparently advertises some sale at Subway, so for those of you who like subs … Go to Subway! And my personal favorite, Mom’s recollection of a radio station that declared the month Rocktober accompanied with, I would imagine, lots and lots of rock music.

I have spent the majority of today playing the badassest massively multi-player online role playing game out there. Yes, I am a complete and absolute World of Warcraft nerd. And from this point on it will be abbreviated as WoW and anyone who has a problem with that needs to go be more around WoW because it’s pretty damn common. xD

I could vent more about WoW but I really doubt anyone cares as this blog has little to no topic detail of videogames, so.

Moving on. School. Around 6:30 when I finally got my ass off WoW I went and took a shower and got some homework done, surprisingly. It kind of saddens me how difficult homework can be for me sometimes. The work itself isn’t even hard, not in the least. At least most of the time. Sometimes geometry gets me but even that is fairly rare. But it’s the principle of getting up and just … doing work. I know… isn’t that awful? It’s not so much laziness, I mean, I can be a lazy person but I’m usually really good at getting things done that need being done. I dunno. It might be a mental thing.

Anyway, I’m really dead-set on UTA, so I’m going to have to start sucking it up and getting it done. Psych teacher told me I’m going to have to keep my history grade up and I don’t know how much (if at all) I’ve complained about it on the blog but trust me, history is my worst subject this year. Homework. Out. The. Wazoo. Dear lord. It’s too bad because I adore the teacher, I really do. But the homework load.. we’re using an ACCELERATED PLACEMENT book. Aka AP. AKA COLLEGE LEVEL. Dude I might be in the honors’ class but jeesh!

Other then that tomorrow I have choir which is fantastic because I’m really liking the class now that I’m with Tori (one of the two legitimate friends I’ve made in Connecticut over the past two years … I know) and away from the people who couldn’t care less and go on and on talking the entire class about boyfriends and stupid things that are utterly irrelevant … END RANT!

Since I’m on the topic of school AND that happens to be the Daily Post‘s topic of the day… Let’s get to that, huh?

The topic is…

If you could change how schools work, what would you change? What is wrong with how public education for kids is structured? What works well? What specific things about school do you remember, good and bad?

After skimming through some responses … some of which I agree with, others of which I’m appalled at having read .. The first and foremost important issue to me personally is to enforce equality and stop allowing bullying. It’s the kids getting called “fags” or being subjected to hearing “that’s so gay” every ten minutes. It’s the kids getting beaten up for no reason. It’s the screamfights in locker rooms and, hell, in classrooms. That’s something that simply keeps happening that simply needs to stop happening.

Besides that, what first came to mind as the most obvious education-related aspect would be the way teachers teach students. I’m not a big fan of book work but that’s mostly because 99.99% of books are (a) large, (b) boring, and (c) throw in a great many things that aren’t actually beneficial to learning. Going through and picking out useful things that can either help you learn or help you get your homework done can be more of a chore than the homework would and could be otherwise.

But more than that … That’s just homework. Which should be optional anyway. It’s nice if you need it; but those who need it rarely ever do it. Those who don’t need it … It often just brings them down. But moving on. The classroom itself.

There are so many teachers that simply don’t care about teaching. I don’t know why that is; maybe they’ve been teachers too long and although claim to still love it have lost their passion for it. Maybe they never really fit the bill. But right now I’m going to tell you about the best teacher I’ve ever had, who took my grade from a low C to D up to an A++. His name’s Mr. Cosker and he student-taught my Algebra I class freshman year. He cared about the kids he taught. He remembered their names almost immediately. He offered them as much help in-class as he could afford and always made himself as available as possible before and after school for anyone who wanted extra help. He socialized with the kids in an effort to get them to like him more, remembered things they had done or were planning on doing later that week or weekend. And he knew his subject. He could advance or dumb down any aspect of math you asked him about and it was beautiful. He made you want to listen to his explanation and do the work.

Unfortunately for me but VERY fortunately for him, he’s got a job at another school in Connecticut somewhere. Those kids are by far the luckiest. I hope they appreciate him as much as I did and do.

Anyway … There are a few other things wrong with public education systems, but those are the big ones. The next one is respect which can be tied into both of the aforementioned, but if I write it all tonight what will I have for tomorrow? 🙂 Coming up, respect! And probably some other stuff. Before I go … Enjoy some memory-recollection, if it’s your cup of tea.

1.) Your first video game.

2.) Your least favorite teacher.

3.) Your best friend you ever had, even if not presently.

4.) Your lucky ‘thing’ be it a number, charm, hat.. etc.

5.) Your first birthday you can remember. 

6.) Your first time listening to your favorite band.

7.) Your first bedroom that you chose the way it looked.

One thought on “World of Warcraft and Today’s Education, Which Totally Mix

  1. Video Game: Diablo I.
    Least Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Ammons or Ms. Grinning (She did not make me smile :c)
    Best Friend: You competely. Although you’re more than a best friend so Sam
    Lucky thing: Lucky shirt, my white striped shirt. I always feel more confident in it. xP
    First Birthday: Running around with swords destroying dummies my mom/uncle/dad made.
    Band: Linkin Park: Warcraft 3 map, sped up, like a LONG time ago. The song numb.

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