Procrastination: Do It Royally

Here is The Queen’s Meme, brought to you by the lovely Daily Meme as always.

1.) What is your favorite fall memory?

I can’t recall a specific date, but autumn was a wonderful time in Texas. Most days of the week, after school, I would walk around my neighborhood or bike up and down the hilly streets. It was also near the end of Central Market‘s Burgers and Bock event, during which food (mostly burgers and fries, but there’s more!) is served and music is played live outside of the store. A wonderful thing to check out if you’re in Fort Worth or any other Texan locations.

2.) Have you ever fallen in love in the fall?

It’s hard to say if you could call it falling in love, but my second serious boyfriend was in sixth grade. I knew I liked him from the day I saw him. He was gorgeous with pale skin and dark hair and dark eyes. And the most delightfully happy smile you’ve ever seen. I remember, since it was sixth grade my elementary bus had been my bus stop. So I stopped by the elementary that morning and bought a small notebook for a quarter or two and constructed a survey of sorts that went across a few pages asking various questions from what your favorite color was, to who your favorite musical artist was, until the last question: Who do you like? I filled every line with a number and the idea was to correspond your answers with the number you picked. And that, my dear lovelies, is how I got a boyfriend in sixth grade. Successfully! It was amazing as hell! I still barely believe it.

3.) Do you like the current DSS when we “fall back” the clock?

Sure! I love the cooler nights. I don’t have much of a story for this… nor do I completely understand the question. As opposed to summer schedule I suppose. Although, I don’t have a real opinion on that either. These things just happen.

4.) Tell us a thing or two you’ve done by a crackling fire.

I’ve only done two things by a crackling fire and unfortunately they’re fairly similar although, surprisingly, at different times. The first was at a summer camp where I made some sort of food that was so long ago, I don’t even remember what it was. The other time was when my mom and step-dad and I went out to a lake in Texas. We made s’mores over the fire. That was really fun.. the only time I’ve ever made s’mores, though. 😦

5.) Have you ever been apple picking?

No, no I have not. Although that seems to be a huge thing up here in Connecticut whereas I didn’t hear about it so much in Texas. I wonder why that is? Does Connecticut really have that many more apples? Very interesting how that works.

6.) Do you like to take a walk and play in the fallen leaves?

Of course I do! Especially because I have to walk home from school. So I often have no choice, really. 😛 But I like kicking the leaves up and hearing them crinkle and crack in the wind and under my footsteps. I’m not sure which I like better, though: the crinkle and crankle of the autumn leaves as you walk, or the feel and pitter patter of walking through fresh snow.

7.) Do you and your family have a special fall tradition in your house?

Yes! My mother and I always spend Thanksgiving together. Regardless of who I live with or where I am. We always spend it together and enjoy a delicious feast of deliciousness. This year, I’ll be helping her by making cupcakes and perhaps some bread if I feel up to the brand-new challenge.

So, other than that I’m procrastinating from some psychology bookwork I’ve got for homework as well as reviewing for both Spanish and Modern American History. History, if I’ve not mentioned, is a pain in the ass. We had our first quiz last Friday and I got a 25 out of 50 points. ._. To be fair she stressed very much that it didn’t matter because as we got into the course of the year we’d have daily quizzes and that even if you bomb them you’ll still do all right in the class and not fail for the year. Which is surprising as hell, but I’m not complaining, no sir.

The floor was done and shiny and bright when I got home this morning and I couldn’t have been more amazed. It looks so nice and smells like fresh wood which is beautiful. The room is cleaner because they did a lot of cleanup since they did, indeed, replace the entire floor. And it also LOOKS much bigger due to the brighter color of the wood. It makes me happy to even be in the room. When I got home and stopped blabbing about it to my mom I went outside and swept the dirt off the brand new wood that I’d unintentionally dragged in since it’s been raining all day and I even wiped down an antique table Mom and I bought at the Antique Mall in Texas. There are still two dead spiders on there I refuse to touch, but it looks much nicer than it did.

Furthermore, my mom has a few clementine boxes because she keeps them as she can’t bare to throw away perfectly nice boxes. So I figured yesterday that maybe once she’s one with the one she’s currently got I could ask my school’s ‘shop teacher, who already loves me from last year, if he could help me make a bookshelf out of them. I could even paint them there at the school. How awesome would that be? 🙂

Now I really need to get some stuff done, so I’m going to let this sit and be proud that within two days I’ve written two entries. Awesome points for the Veronica!

Hasta luego!

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