Music and More on Mondays

I’ve got all my homework done, for the most part. How great am I?
I’ve been meaning to write but every time I begin, I get terribly distracted. I’ve been real stressed out lately working on getting homework done and it’s so much harder than it ought to be.

My Spanish teacher is the greatest lady in the world though. Her name is Mrs. Nickeson and she’s introduced me to lots of music in just the few classes I’ve had with her, whether it be directly or indirectly. But first, a little bit more about her. She is Irish. And speaks it and CHINESE. AND Spanish, as she’s a teacher of it. How badass is that? She’s very quirky, she can’t stand still in class and it’s awesome. She really likes her job and socializing with us all.

The real band she’s introduced us to is called Maná. She said they were a lot like the Mexican version of the US’ Grateful Dead, haha. The song she’s played for us most often is Rayando el sol. According to Google, that means “Bordering the Sun.” It’s a lovely song and the few times my mom’s heard it she’s said it reminds her of the band Sting more than the Grateful Dead. Either way, it’s a very lovely and slow song. Peaceful. My favorite line is, “Es más fácil llegar al sol que a tu corazón.” which means, “It’s easier to reach the sun than it is your heart.” … Okay, so maybe I’m lame.

Beyond that I’ve been doing my own research on Youtube for other songs by the band. There are two that I’ve liked very much and listened to repeatedly; specifically, Amor Clandestino and Lluvia Al Corazon.

They’re a really lovely band and you should certainly give them a listen if you’re into Spanish music or soft and sweet, slow, rainy day music.

Nothing much else is up in the ever-so-eventful life of the me. I’ve been working really hard on my Spanish since it’s one of the few subjects that really interests me. The other would be Psychology but there really isn’t very much work for that class. It’s mostly discussions and then we took a test today on introductory things. I am fairly sure I nailed it although Broderick felt so sure that he caught us up to get confused and make mistakes. I’ve always been good at taking tests, though.. a skill that will unfortunately not outlive my career as a student.

I made lotion a week ago or something with some of the beeswax I got. Beeswax, by the way, is something awful to work with. It’s very strong. No one within the myriad of blogs I looked at involving bath products and beeswax mentioned how tough beeswax is. Getting a usable chunk off was hard enough for the 1-lb brick I bought; much less grating what was then forcibly cranked off the block. I’ve yet to actually use the lotion… I have little to no faith in it due to the ridiculousity of the beeswax and its rather unlotiony appearance. It smells good, though. C: Maybe I’ll put it in another container and use it to scent my room instead of candles. That should last awhile.

Yesterday evening, when I repeatedly failed at the seemingly immeasurable task of writing here, I resigned to my mess of a room and began cleaning. I unpacked my suitcase completely from the August trip in North Carolina (can you believe I hadn’t done that yet?) and hung up all the clothes. Then I took all the clothes out that I don’t wear anymore and put them in a box for the used clothing drive my choral program is donating to. I rearranged some of the boxes and bins that are being used to clear out the room so that there was more floor space in general and then I vacuumed. Truth be told, the room looks a lot better. The biggest remaining problem is the left-far corner when you walk into the room which has several pieces of technological things with disturbingly tangled cords and cables. The old CPU and desktop that Mom and I had at Mike’s house is in there along with Anthony’s, my mom’s old boyfriend’s stuff. There’s a scanner (or perhaps a printer, it’s too dirty and dusty for me to observer very closely) in another section of the room, keeping a spare box closed as it refuses to stay shut on its own. Then there’s also the bottom shelf of the bookshelf which is flooded with too many a thing for me to really want to investigate myself, one of them being one of my old best friend’s Purple Cow plush that she obtained from her mother who worked at, you guessed it, a Purple Cow restaurant. Going in and looking again, really.. there’s a lot of floor space now, it looks much better than it has in the past month alone. Mom and I have done two serious clean-ups, the first with the both of us and the second being my own last night. One more real big push and we can clear the damn thing.. so long as we have storage enough to deal with it. Once we can, we’re getting me a loft bed to put in there with a desk and all. And then we can decorate it and it’ll be lovely.

Mom made the blinds fall off one of the two windows in there during the summer and I’ve gotta put ’em back up when I can so I can hang up the curtains and make it feel more like a personal room. When I first moved here in February 2010 she bought me striped curtains that are pretty, bright colors. It’d be nice to have something personal like that in there and actually up and not in the right-hand corner of the door when ya walk in, still in the packaging. Ideally, that room will become lovely before I have to leave. Life on the couch is not great. Sharing the television with Mom when sport seasons start… which is all the time now, being that she enjoys North American football as well as what the rest of the world actually calls football.

In addition to that, our porch/front outside room thing, whatever you wanna call it.. The place where the front door is but not the living room. It’s a room all of its own, and the front step was rotting. So our landlady’s husband came over and brought a couple of guys to fix it. And it’s so loud. They’re ripping up a lot of wood and it’s a terrible noisy wreck. But what has me most worried is that now they’ve got up all the wood from X over to the wall, they’ve stopped working. No one’s out there now but our front door was left wide open. Great, right? Where did the workers go? Very frustrating, aye.. Ah well.

The only thing I’ve got left to talk about that I can think of is Pokemon and I’m really not in the mood simply because I’m tired due to school and you know, writing this, the longest blog entry I’ve yet to date. Which is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s also to be expected since it’s been so long since I’ve gotten a lot out. Blogging is a great release, by the way. I wish I kept up with it more for the simple and pure reasoning of, it helps me deal with all the stress I’ve got built up. Even if I never did anything public and kept the blog to myself I’d update it because it’s a good way to vent and not care if anyone is listening or reciprocating.

Anyway, I’ve really been blabbering on enough now and not even with a meme today. Very sorry. I think I’m going to either investigate where the workers went or attempt to chisel in a little more work into my bedroom, because lawrdy knows it needs every bit of help it can get. Au revoir!

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