Sincere Apologies

It is so hard to blog when you come back home after a month-long vacation, two days before you start your sophomore year! Wow!

Still, I take full responsibility for having fallen behind on my posting. Here’s my deal. I’m going to set a goal to try to blog at least twice a week, even if it’s only a meme. If that goes well, I’ll try to increase it to thrice. However, I’m taking high school more seriously this year and nailing down on work and things I need to do. Of course, I’m typing this while I still have biology that I need to do but that’s okay because it’s still early in the day and the homework is light. But honestly, I got my planner today and I plan to actually make good use of it this year instead of abandon it and use it just for bathroom passes.

Moving on.

So I’m taking contemporary psychology this year which I’ve only had one class of so far (today was the third day of school) and it seems pretty good. I’m the only sophomore in it and so it makes me even more shy than I generally am. However, that’s the point of the class it seems, to cease shyness and converse. And indeed, I did meet some people in the class and they were friendly enough. Always good news!

Nothing else is really reportable. I still have a lot to write about my trip but gosh, I’m just not up to it. Oye. I apologize for my laziness and tiredness but it’s been a long day.

I’ll have Kenny encourage me to write more soon, I promise. But he’s also the reason I’m about to go start my biology homework. So I’ll get back to you all shortly, and thank you recurring visitors for your faith in me. ♥

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