Sunday Seven + Updates

For lack of anything to write about, let’s just start off with the Sunday Seven. This week’s question is:

Name seven animals that you think would belong on your totem pole.

Information can be found either on the particular week’s question or on the totem pole link; however, I simply am too lazy to summarize or copy-paste anything right now. Very tired after the pool.

1) Wolf

WolfThe wolf’s traits are loyalty, perseverance, success, intuition and spirit. I am very loyal, and I often persevere to obtain that which I desire. When I do, I’m generally successful because when I put forth the effort it typically doesn’t end until I am successful. And finally, though I am not religious by many definitions, I can be incredibly spiritual when I do so choose. Faith is something I give myself when there is a time for it, as opposed to something given to me and instructed upon me.

2.) Turtle


The traits of the turtle are nurturing, shy and protective. I love babysitting and taking care of kids and pets, I always have. I’m a little shy, because making friends has become a lot harder since I moved up north. And I’m very protective.. at least of the Kenny and my mother, who are the two who matter most to me.

3.) Lynx


The lynx is known as the keeper of secrets, a guardian, a good listener and a guide. While this one may be young and adorable, it will grow into these traits that I happen to possess. I’m a very good friend and I love to listen to people talk. I like to hear stories and thus I often find out ‘secretive’ things about my friends. I guard them well because they mean a lot to me. And finally, I also give lots of people advice because lots of them ask me for it. I’ve been told I’m good at it … now if only I’d follow my own advice!

4.) Lion


The lion’s characteristics include family-oriented, energetic, courageous, guardian and protective. I’ve already explained the final two, and as for the former three.. While I’ve never had the best family, I have always wanted one and have a very strong maternal instinct. I can have a lot of energy when I get more sleep than usual for a long part of the day. And when something needs to be done, I get down to it and get it done .. even if that means smashing the frightening bug on the window sill.

5.) Dragonfly


The dragonfly is described as flighty and carefree with a strong imagination and higher aspirations. When I first read this I thought the first two and the last one contradicted one another, but then I realized that they work because you don’t have to be one way all the time. At times I am carefree and superfluous while at other times I have high goals for myself that I strive to make happen. I also have a vivid imagination which helps me for the hobby of writing that I enjoy very much.

6.) Crane


The crane is described as solitary, just, long-living, independent, intelligent and vigilant. More often than not I find myself alone with no one but myself, which if that isn’t solitude I don’t know what is. I tend to play by the rules out of respect and then the reason, reason being that there’s no real reason to cause mayhem for no reason. As mentioned above I’m usually by myself and thus have grown skilled in the state of independence. And finally, vigilance: I’m a very sensitive person to touch and to sound, so I’m often very very aware of that around me. Which is probably why I’m a small bit afraid of the dark: it’s harder to see that which surrounds you.

7.) Deer


The deer’s traits are listed as such: compassionate, peaceful, intellectual, gentle, caring, kind, subtlety, gracefulness, femininity, innocence … annnd seller of adventure but I don’t quite buy that one. I’m a very friendly, familiarizing person so compassion is to be expected. I’m peaceful, because I’m a lover rather than a fighter and I hate for there to be fights going on. Intellectual … well, I like to think I am and people tell me so. Gentle, I like taking care of children and to do so you must be very careful and soft. Caring and kind are kind of one and already explained.  The strongest things are subtle and this is a lesson I’ve learned at least a year or two ago and have thus practiced. I can be graceful, although I can also be clumsy. I’m feminine because I enjoy dressing up and feeling just .. girly, for awhile. And the last one is self-explanatory for itself.

And so there you have it, my seven animals. The wolf, the turtle, the lynx, the lion, the dragonfly, the crane and the deer. Very different animals to make up one personality. And there’s me!

It is now 9:50 p.m. on Sunday. Tomorrow is my final full day in North Carolina. On Tuesday, around 2:30 p.m. I’ll be on my way home. Delightful … not really.  But here we go. My stomach is beginning to hurt already just thinking about it. I should really get something for my nerves, ugh. Anyway, I’m going to make the best of it. I have lots of pictures of things that I’ve done, so once I get back I’ll have several posts of this summer trip. Glad to see that traffic has been increasing a small bit, too. 🙂 Later, all. Good night!

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