Thursday 13 + Apologies

Today is Thursday, August 25th, 2011. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I wish I was tired. Kenny has to wake up in four and a half hours for school and I asked him to wake me up too so that I could go with him in the car for his first day of school. It is unfortunate that I shan’t be going in with him for first day classes. Summer is dying, and dear lord is it depressing. Kenny’s is gone and mine is diminishing faster than it ought to be. As my trips often go I can’t say that I haven’t wasted time the past few days doing things like playing video games where I should’ve been doing things that we could have done together and enjoyed much more while we are together.. but we’ve both had fun and I value these days more than I can express. The past few weeks we have consecutively stayed up until between three and four in the morning,  and that is why I am writing away here. I have about one ounce of sleepiness in me and it’s killing me, because I should be well knocked out by now. School doesn’t start for me until September 1st and I go home on Saturday. It’s very saddening. I don’t know what to do with my last couple of days but I hope very much so that they go smoothly and will be as joyous as each day since the eighth of this month has been.

Furthermore, I completely apologize for the lack of writing. I am quite aware that I have completely and utterly lost my flair for writing daily and for this I deeply apologize. It will probably take quite awhile to regain an audience, but just the fact that this is getting out there makes me feel better.

There will be no pictures from the trip or the things I’ve done tonight because it’s 1:45 a.m. and I truly don’t care to locate my camera or its cord that hooks up to the computer to upload its pictures. But I will say that that is one portion of the reason why I haven’t been writing as frequently. While here, I generally steal Kenny’s PC for all of my computing needs because his monitor is gigantic and runs so smoothly and beautifully. It’s still running Windows XP but it’s a sleek and slim machine. A photo will accompany my claims sooner than later, but later than now.

Now for the Thursday 13. In light of this trip, I will attempt to list the thirteen most interesting and notable things I’ve done while here instead of writing on the blog. Hopefully this will make up marginally for the lack of content.

1.) Buttermilk Biscuits

I finally made them! They weren’t as great or flaky as this recipe says they are, but I blame this on the lack of fresh baking powder as well as my incredibly disappointing inexperience for baking biscuits which is quite a bit of work, if you’re unaware. But I did make them and they all got eaten, which must be good, right?

2.) Saltwater Taffy 

Taffy isn’t as hard as I anticipated, although it is a tad boring. Although I will pass this on: don’t put the taffy on wax paper when you’re about to begin stretching. Because it is still warm, and it will stick. And it will be a complete disaster! Despite this, we had enough to continue, in two flavors: cherry and vanilla. I think they were quite delicious, and the taffy is now gone, so.. 🙂

3.) Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting 

These were delicious. Though if you haven’t made gingerbread before, hold your nose for the molasses! Oh, my dear, it was terrible but the smell and taste after was completely worth it. The recipe very barely makes twelve cupcakes, more like eleven and a midget cupcake. The frosting is very good but I recommend using a little less sugar than is called for because I didn’t need as much as it called for and it was quite sweet as it was.

4.) Vanilla Jam Doughnut Muffins 

I had very mixed feelings on these, but everyone in the house seemed to find them delightful. Although I was a little stressed out and misread the cinnamon-to-sugar ratio and accidentally did very little sugar and very much cinnamon for the first few muffins. … Advice: Don’t. Do. That. Unless you really like cinnamon, it’s a tad bit unbearable. Kenny ate them and claimed they were good and his mother liked cinnamon and she ate them happily, but I simply couldn’t do it. On the second batch I still couldn’t really handle it because it was now too sweet. I also had some trouble with the jamming portion. But if you’re patient and like jam and sugar, this is the recipe for you!

5.) Red Beans and Rice, family-style.

I am a Martinez, and I was born in Louisiana. We have a New Orleans history and my all-time favorite recipe growing up with my dad’s side of the family was red beans and rice. Contrary to popular belief, red beans and rice consists of much more than beans and rice. It also has celery and onions and sausage and Tony Cachere’s seasoning and some other ingredients that I can’t think of right now because it’s 2:04 a.m. and I’m rather tired, nor am I looking at the recipe. Anyway, my grandma sent me Camellia red beans, Zatarain’s extra long grain rice and  genuine French bread from New Orleans. It was the best thing in the whole world and I’ve never felt more proud of myself. I am so overjoyed that the family recipe was finally passed on to me.

6.) Participated in a Slumber Party.

Kenny’s younger sister has a friend whose birthday was yesterday, the 24th of August, the day before school started for them. So a few days ago, Monday night, Deanna threw a surprise birthday slumber party for her friend. She went all out! I prepared the gingerbread cupcakes and some brownies for the party and Deanna, along with her mom and a few mutual friends, went out and bought some party decorations and proceeded to decorate the living room and kitchen and entryway of the house. Lots of streamers, balloons, table cloths and other dog-themed party paraphernalia, even a star-shaped piñata! It had been a long time since I’d had a birthday party or slumber party for that matter, so it was quite refreshing to feel younger again, even if I’m not that far from “young” as they are.

7.) Beat The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, its sequel. 

The Longest Journey (1999) is an amazing point-and-click adventure game created by a man whom I will forever love forever on end… unless he stops making games pertaining to this series. Ragnar Tørnquist. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is its sequel which was made in 2006 and with note-worthy graphics that are a surprising difference. D:TLJ has about a billion cliffhangers; however, the two games make up the best series of video games I have ever played and I am very eagerly awaiting a follow-up game.

8.) Began playing and exploring The Sims 3: Generations.

The Sims 3 has yet to cease amazing me. In previous Sims games, there is little else to explore aside from your house and the houses of your neighbors. In TS3, there’s an entire city of your residency, not to mention China, France and Egypt if you purchase The Sims 3: World Adventures. Generations brings even more fun to every age instead of simply young adult which most people begin playing by default. It is a very interesting expansion and I certainly and completely recommend it along with The Sims 3 itself, if you’ve yet to purchase it.

9.) Gotten more sleep than I’ve gotten all summer long.

Okay, so this one is technically cheating and not a very fun activity or anything but I’ve just been thinking as I stay up so late (update: 2:24 a.m.) that I’ve been sleeping in a lot and taking various naps. Typically, on any given day, school or not, I get up very early and stay up very late for a very minimal amount of sleep period. On school days I generally get between seven and four hours of sleep, ranging more often on the lower scale of those numbers. I think a large part of that is that when Kenny comes downstairs to cuddle with me I feel safer and more vulnerable and thus more relaxed. It’s hard to sleep if you’re afraid of the dark. But with Kenny, and also during the day when I’m sleeping since it’s summer, nothing frightens nor worries me a bit.

10.) Become more interested in video games than I’ve been in years.

I’m aware that this is also a vague listing, but it’s true! Over the vacation I’ve played Oblivion for the first time (last trip), The Sims 3 while I’m here, Sims Medieval at home, Fable yesterday, both The Longest Journey games in three days.. and we’ll throw Sims 3 in there again simply because I’ve been playing it more than I’ve been expecting. I’ve simply become readdicted to video games. Especially to thoes that don’t require as much violence but more thought and strategizing and thought than most games.  I’ve also been sorely missing my Nintendo DS and Pokémon.

11.) Grown closer to Kenny’s younger sister.

When I first met Kenny’s family approximately thirteen months ago, Kenny’s younger sister was the person I found it hardest with whom to bond. She followed us around a lot and I always got the feeling that the parents had bribed her to pay attention to us which was beyond annoying. She hasn’t really stopped doing that, but the constant keep-up of the habit has made us run into many similarities that we share. I’m very glad about this happening. It was obnoxious at first how she followed us around but surprisingly it’s been getting less and less so to the point that it’s very pleasant to have her around 99% of the time, as long as we still have some time alone to cuddle and be together.

12.) Contemplated creating a new site with Kenny. 

Originally, the idea for a website came around when Kenny and I realized we had zero method for making money. We kept coming up with plans for features and articles of content and things of the like but a name and a theme has continued to escape us. So, while my thoughts continued and paused for the joint effort, I created my own blog. It is still a .Wordpress site, so don’t worry, I’m not just stringing you all along for a feeble attempt at cash. But Kenny and I have continued to converse about the possibility… with few contributing ideas. There’s also the question of shall I keep this website if and when we make a joint site, or shall I integrate this blog into the new one? Things to consider. Leave your opinions in the comments?

13.) Thought and conversed with the family and myself.

I’ve had a lot of time to think and a lot of time to talk to people in Kenny’s family. I try to do this often because I’m very fairly convinced that his dad doesn’t like me and I always seem to get mixed feelings from his mom, which upsets me greatly. They’re a beautiful family and they get along so well so much of the time. I’ve never had a perfectly up-to-par family, and while everyone has their imperfections Kenny has the most family-oriented family I’ve seen in my fifteen-and-a-half years of life. They communicate and do things together and it’s amazing and heartbreaking to me all at once. I am envious. I want to belong. I’ve noticed a very strong maternal instinct within my own self and it makes me weep for the fate I was given, because I’ve never had very parental parents, if that makes sense. I’ve never been very close with either of my parents and it’s sad. They’re very hard to talk to, they can be very quick to judge and decide what they feel about a topic without hearing you out and they can very very very quickly lose patience. And nor are they very reliable on their word, the majority of the time. So it’s made my childhood and just life… hard. I can deal with it the majority of the time, but coming here always pours salt in an open wound.

Anyway.. that got more emotional than I thought. It’s now 2:47 a.m. and I’m very tired and upset and I think I’m going to attempt sleep now. I apologize for that random depressing post. Good night everyone or good morning, I hope your night or day goes fairly well.

PS: Congratulations to me for my longest post after, totaling (before this sentence) at 2139 words (and after, 2144 words)!

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