Upcoming Projects + The Saturday Six

I’ve been so tired, all day long. I stayed up until like three in the morning and I was hardly even tired then, which is my problem at its base. I don’t go to bed when I should and then I wake up around 11-noon and I’m pissed off. I need to make myself sleep earlier but it’s soo hard.

Anyway, Kenny’s on his way home from Disney which is lovely and makes me very very happy. It’s Saturday, which means it’s about two days until I fly out there. Natalie and Kenny are both getting excited because they are actually interested in my crafts! 🙂 Which makes me happy, of course.

Once in NC, Natalie’s requested the mud scrub and Kenny (silly as it is!) wants to try the foot scrub since his feet are all hairy and unruly and.. manly. xD I also plan on making the makeup remover as they have all the supplies there. … I would keep linking, but relinking every single link is probably a stupid idea. Because to sum it up I’m going to work my butt off to get every craft on that list done and even more, with many pictures and reports and things.

I’m beginning to ramble. Let’s get on with Saturday’s meme of six questions about social networking websites.

1. How many social media networks do you belong to at the moment?

This one’s a little hard because I know the basic ones like Facebook and Twitter. I used to have a Myspace and I technically still have the login and do so occasionally just to check it out but generally the only one I really use is Facebook.

2. How many social media networks have you joined, then stopped using because you didn’t care for their setup or operation?

Myspace! I also technically have a LinkedIn and LiveJournal account, but I never to only used them one time, so..

3. Which social media network do you use the most?

Facebook! Again. These are a bit of redundant questions so far, bro… I wonder if WordPress counts as social networking. I mean ti seems pretty social to me, and isn’t the networking the way you can see other peoples’ blogs?

4. Take the quiz: Are You Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?

Oh fine but I’m not happy about this. I got Twitter. That which I barely use. It says I’m energetic and hyperactive and have a terrible attention span. It says I can’t help but let everyone know what I’m doing but that’s not true, because I barely post at all. -_- On any of these sites. I personally think I’m Myspace, tbh, because I used to love customizing my page but I despised the pages that had miles and miles of quiz results, blah blah, etcetera.  Even if no one uses Myspace anymore.

5. How do you feel about geotagging networks like FourSquare, where users can post their current locations: cool idea or security risk?

I never really thought about it as a security risk but now that you think about it it kind of could be one. But people do that on facebook and they usually don’t give like specific addresses.. although I suppose sometimes if someone wanted to they could find the address of like a restaurant; but then again, there’s a bunch of people at restaurants… so.. I don’t know.

6. If you know a company that you do a lot of business with is on a social network that you belong to, are you more likely to “friend” or “like” them?

uhm. Yes. Why would I follow/like someone if I didn’t use their product? That’s like.. the entire point. Like if you’ve got an iPod you obviously use iTunes and therefore if you like ’em on Facebook you can get free songs and stuff, it’s lovely.

Well.. there was The Saturday Six. I dunno, I’m not as impressed as I’ve been with the other blog memes, but that’s that. It’s a little sad. This blog is nearly a week old, depending on when you consider my first day to be since I started it at some erroneous hour of the night.

One thought on “Upcoming Projects + The Saturday Six

  1. Thanks for participating in Patricks Saturday Six! They’re not suppose to be very “deep” or revealing. Just fun, I think. 🙂
    My blog isn’t much older than mine! 😀

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