The Friday Five & Mud Scrub Review

Friday’s memes are few and far between and not that phantasmal, but I’m in a real slump today and I think I’m getting sick or something. It may simply have to do with my terrible sleeping schedule. But I’m not sure. At any rate, here’s a Friday Five meme from LJ.

1.) Bully, teacher’s pet, geek, shy kid in the corner, or something else? I was always the shy girl, who yeah, usually stuck to what the teacher was talking about. That’s become especially more true since I’ve moved to Connecticut because the people here are terrible and kind of incredibly hate me. So, hey, go figure.

2.) What do/did you usually eat during lunch time at school? I actually never had a real problem with school lunches. Maybe I just went to amazing schools? But my lunches have always been great. But on occasion I make my own lunches with awesome sandwiches and snacks and whatnot.

3.) What did/do you normally wear to school? Thinking back to what you wore(if you’ve already graduated), do you like it? Well I’m a sophomore this year, and I dress in whatever I like that also feels good. Jeans and shorts and cute tops and hoodies. I like the way I dress.

4.) Any sports/activities/clubs you participate(d) in? I’m terrible at sports and have bad coordination. But this year I’m planning on joining the GSA because I’ve not been in any clubs and the GSA is something that I actually care about. So..

5.) Any worthwhile friends you (would) still keep up with after graduation? I’ve moved a bunch of times and I’ve managed to keep one friend since kindergarten: Katie. Past that, friendships haven’t really been permanent for me. :/

So.. that’s that.

In better news, as promised, earlier this morning I did take a shower with my lovely Mud Scrub. It was amazing! All day, my skin has felt lovely and soft and precious. However – and this may be my fault because I didn’t put enough oil in – I did notice that it was much looser than the other scrub I made and kind of fell all over the place instead of, you know, on my body. I think I’ll improve this next time by substituting baby oil in lieu of the extra virgin olive oil because I’ve used baby oil before and also cover the ingredients completely which I didn’t do because I was afraid of adding too much..aannnd.. yep.
I’m rambling. xD Like I said, today’s really an off day for me. Thanks for reading, though~

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