Number One – Mud Scrub!

So yes, I’m entirely aware that I’m posting this at one-something in the morning. About an hour ago I was in my kitchen with the new coffee grounds my mom bought earlier in the day and well, here we are. Let us dive into the journey of the awesome mud scrub.


Here the ingredients are in my mixing bowl. That weird clump on the right is my spoon of mixing. Looks awesome other than that, eh? Also… isn’t that a fabulous picture? So all that this is, is a cup of cane sugar, store-brand ‘classic’ coffee grounds, and extra virgin olive oil. That is the base recipe of the ‘mud’ scrub and all that creates the mud. The website then calls for extracts for giving your scrub a fragrance other than coffee. She calls for peppermint and vanilla extracts, but since I only had vanilla I just did an extra teaspoon of vanilla.

The Jar of Mud

Here is the lovely finished product in its mason jar (my very first one ever!) which I’m extremely excited about. I’ve never used mason jars before tonight and, well, the crafting universe is all about these crazy things. I think it turned out rather nice but it’s really quite late to take a shower and use it, eh?

Inside the Jar of Mud Scrub

Tomorrow I’ll experience the loveliness of this mud scrub and will report with my normal blog post how it turns out. For any late-night viewers or people who see this at a later date, do enjoy. This is the first of the thirteen crafts I’ve planned to try and, here it is.

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