Controversial Wednesday

So, about a month ago my grandma and I began talking all the time on Facebook. Eventually she told me about this thing that some friends of hers do called the Question of the Day. Essentially, you just post a status with its topic outlined and then a question.. for the day! Pretty simple, hm?

Well, there are no good memes for Wednesday. Blogging a ‘wordless’ picture sounds incredibly… not fun or bloggy whatsoever. And I’m not religious, so there’s no ‘word-filled’ Wednesday posts either. So instead, I’ve opted to create my own mini-meme (ahaha get it?) in which I write about a controversial QoD I’ve had. It may not necessarily be the question I do that day, as I do QoD’s every day – but these posts will always be posted on Wednesdays.

I came up with this (not only because there’s no good Wednesday memes) because it’s only been up for a couple of hours and already this particular question has gotten a lot of heat. I knew that it would in advance, of course, and that’s what makes it such a great QoD. Anyway, on with the question!

Today’s Question of the Day:

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, and why?

I am pro-choice and before I get loads of hatemail comments, let me tell you why. People get raped. It happens. It is unpleasant, but it happens and there are times we can do nothing about it. Occasionally, these victims (and, yes, they are victims, they do not ASK for this to happen to them) are children or very young adults who are not able to handle their own life, much less be able to bring another child into the world.

Nobody can say it’s someone’s fault for getting raped, because it isn’t. Nobody asks to get raped. And you’re in no position to judge someone you’ve never met. Perhaps they’ve got a bad life, no support from parents or anyone else. Bringing a child into the world would only harm both the child and the mother.

And honestly… I could go on about this for awhile, but the basic point underlying everything is that each and every case is different but more importantly that it is a woman’s body and it ought to be a woman’s choice, not the choice of those around her.

6 thoughts on “Controversial Wednesday

    • The problem with this is that the people attempting to make ‘these’ kinds of laws have nearly impossible ways to prove that there’s a rape case. They put immense pressure on girls and harass them about it and if they have been raped they likely are not mentally or emotionally okay enough to deal with interrogation.
      Furthermore there are cases in which pregnancy occurs accidentally when the woman in question is not fit enough or able enough to carry out the pregnancy. In which case, why should that woman be forced to continue the pregnancy?

      • Well, then your statement is misleading…you don’t really want safe, rare abortion.

      • No, I want every woman to have her own choice. I don’t want MEN who will never have to experience childbirth, labor, or nine months of pregnancy to make the decision for a woman whether she’s allowed to have a pregnancy or not. That’s not okay.

      • Well, we already know that women all do have choice. But we’re disagreeing on where the choice should be made…since you now say that it shouldn’t be only in cases of rape, which is a very rare case, you really don’t care if it’s rare. It’s also not safe, safer, is a relative term. Cigarettes are safer now, but still deadly. I’m suggesting that the choice should be made before the woman ever takes her clothes off. THAT’s the appropriate time. When a life has been created, it’s really too late. At that point, it is murder.

      • I never said that it should only be in cases of rape. That’s the biggest reason I stated in my post, but it was never said that that is the only reason it should be done. And I disapprove of the way people attempting to create this law of abortion-if-rape-case are attempting to justify ‘proving’ the woman was raped. It is unjust and simply cruel.
        If you outlaw abortion, people will still get abortions. If they stay legal, people aren’t going to get abortions just to get abortions. They’re going to get them because they need them based on where they are in their life at this point in time and cannot deal with a child.
        A life has not been created until the baby is born out of her uterus. It is not murder unless the child has been born.
        And finally, you care very much about abortions – but how much do you care about the child itself that could be brought into the world? Would you be donating money to poor, single mothers with two jobs with barely enough money to feed her child? What about old clothes that you don’t wear anymore – would you donate them or would you throw them away?

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