Sugar: Sweeter Than You Think

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been locked up at home during the middle month of my summer vacation in which I’m doing absolutely nothing. Due to this, I’ve been looking up things I can do with all this spare time. The result? Lots and lots and lots of ideas for homemade, do-it-yourself crafts. I’ve made two so far, a sugar scrub to use in the bath or shower that exfoliates and softens your skin and a thicker, rougher foot scrub that tackles the dry skin we so often see on our feet.

Sugar Scrub

Here is a picture of one of my batches of sugar scrub. It is rather simple, consisting of only pure white sugar and Johnson’s baby oil. You take the container (I used plastic because it’s small and all I really need; some people use mason jars or any various small container) and fill it with as much sugar as you want scrub. Then, once you break up all the sugar rocks, slowly pour in baby oil until the entire mixture is saturated. Cap and store in your bathroom.

As you can see, I don’t use very much at a time and so I’ve had no problems with storage although you must be cautious not to get water in your container while you bathe as sugar does dissolve in water.

Foot Scrub

The above picture is taken directly from Miss Julie’s website, the blogger who posted this wonderful foot scrub recipe. It’s funny because the bowl that I ended up using was pink as well. Anyway, this delightful scrub consists of brown sugar, honey, lemon juice, and almond or olive oil. Now, as delightful as this was, I noticed mine was a little runny and liquid-y which was sort of annoying to me since I would’ve preferred a thicker substance for scrubbing on the feet. The measurements on her website are the ones I used so if you prefer a more liquid scrub then by all means, follow them, but I think next time I’ll try a bit more sugar or a bit less of the liquid ingredients.

Despite the fact that it was rather loose and liquid, I very much enjoyed this foot scrub! I left on little ankle socks once I was done scrubbing my feet and drying them off so as to let them really feel the effect of the scrub. When I took the socks off a few hours later my feet were incredibly softer, not to mention most of the gross dry-skin eliminated. It was definitely something I will be doing again, even if I adjust the measurements a small bit.

So those are the two crafty projects I’ve attempted so far in my own home. Next Monday night I’ll be travelling to my boyfriend Kenny’s house in North Carolina where we plan on doing a bit more “out-there” crafts with some more specific ingredients that aren’t always found in your kitchen or pantry. Ironically, I also plan on learning to cook and bake while there, in addition to learning to sew. 🙂 As you can see I’ve many things planned, and that’s just the beginning! I’ve got my beautiful camera with me and plan on taking many pictures. Indeed, this blog will begin to pick up as more interesting things happen. Until next time!

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