First, Last, Now & More.


  • First job: Babysitting for my neighbor who was super-rich. It was awesome.
  • First screen name: missv782
  • First funeral: … :c My great grandmother Elizabeth Haslett.
  • First pet: That I can remember.. my mom’s cats Oscar and Eliotte. (female!)
  • First piercing: My ears.
  • First tattoo: Doesn’t exist yet.
  • First credit card: Doesn’t exist yet.
  • First kiss: Fourth grade behind Central Market after receiving a rose.
  • First enemy: Can’t remember.


  • Last car ride: Today with my mom, going to the Elmwood Pastry Shop.
  • Last kiss: In the airport leaving RDU.
  • Last movie watched: Uh, I’m thinking The Little Mermaid 2.
  • Last beverage drank: Dr Pepper.
  • Last food consumed: ..Milanos.. XD
  • Last phone call: To Kenny.
  • Last time showered: Earlier today.
  • Last CD played: My mix CD I made my mom earlier in the car.
  • Last website visited: Before now? Here.


  • Single or taken: Taken and very much in love!
  • Gender: …This has never changed.. but.. female..
  • Birthday: This has also never changed, but December 26th.
  • Sign: Capricorn.
  • Siblings: None.
  • Hair color: Naturally a light brunette; dyed black. (I have a really pale complexion.)
  • Eye color: Bluegreen, except about a fourth of my right eye which is brown.
  • Shoe size: A female’s 6. …Yes I have tiny feet. >>
  • Height: …This is going to be painful, but fine. 4″9 1/2.
  • Wearing: Shorts and a purple top.
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper, still.
  • Thinking about: The future of this blog.
  • Listening to: Some baseball game my mom’s watching.
I enjoy completing memes, but Monday really doesn’t have any good ones. Today, my mother and I visited Elmwood Pastry Shop in West Hartford. It’s a quaint little shop with lots of friendly elder people who know all the workers. I got way too much, but that’s okay because I’m working on eating better this summer so that I’ll hopefully follow suit the rest of the time. Sooo I won’t eat them all at once!
Other than that, today has been boringly uneventful. I stayed up too late yesterday and woke up rather late, then Mom and I went to the pastry shop and got treats as well as lunch. We came back and ate and then.. Mom took a nap and I watched TV and surfed the internet. Mental Floss is a pretty neat website with a real-life magazine you can subscribe to that’s definitely worth it if you’re into that kind of thing.
Kenny is enjoying Disney from what I can tell. He texts me a lot which is lovely with me. ♥ Everything seems incredibly expensive, it’s like the entire place is nothing but one big superstore. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like to go, because of course I would. My dad promised me when I was about seven years old that I’d get to go, and he never took me. I’ve been emotionally scarred ever since, definitely. [/mild sarcasm.]
It’s actually a little funny that he’s at Disney because Beauty and the Beast was just on tv yesterday and I got to watch it. I love that movie and pretty much all Disney princess movies. Sure, they may be.. kiddie.. or corny.. or somewhat lame but that’s my childhood!
Anyway, it’s 10:33 and I’m running out of interesting things to talk about so instead of rambling on about nothing I’m going to share a few pictures from the Elmwood Pastry Shop and say goodnight.

Drawing of Red Velvet Cupcakes

Actual Red Velvet Cupcakes!

Carrot cupcakes

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