New Beginnings

My name is Veronica and I’m fifteen years old. I was born in Louisiana and I lived in New Orleans until I was about four years old. My mom and dad divorced when I was about two. My mother and I left Louisiana because she had been offered a job in Texas that paid much better than the job she had. My dad had moved to Florida but when he heard we were moving to Texas, he did so as well with his new woman so that I wouldn’t have to grow up without a real father figure.

So off to Texas we went, my mom and I. And in Texas I stayed (in various houses and cities, having switched residencies between my mother and my father a few or more times) until I was twelve years of age.

Nearly two years in North Carolina with my father, and another year and some months in Connecticut. I’ll be sixteen the day after Christmas at 6:14 a.m.

I’m going to be a sophomore in high school on September 1st of this year. I have a delightful boyfriend by the name of Kenny who lives in North Carolina. I love making crafts. I love to write though I can never hold a passion long enough for a long-term piece. When I was in Texas, for two summers I attended a wonderful camp by the name of Camp El Tesoro – The Treasure in Spanish. It was there I learned to adore horseback riding and to make friendship bracelets.

I’ve been using the internet since I was around seven or eight years old, when my friend from elementary school told me to make an email address so we could talk when we weren’t at school and we didn’t have to use up the phone lines. We also made Neopets accounts with these early-on emails. Since then (and probably earlier, that age is a ballpark estimate), I’ve always been online somewhere or elsewhere. Lately, my boyfriend and I have had this wonderful idea for a website since we’re both such nerds. In lieu of my boredom and lack of boyfriend (he’s at Disney for the week) I decided to make my own miniature blog for awhile. Who knows, I may even keep it up. In any event, this is for practice and personal blogging.

It is 11:42 at night and I’m signing off for now. Adios, amigos.

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